Don’t Overlook The Logo // How to Create a Brand

March 2, 2017
Greg Henry

Linking the connection between a logo and a brand is crucial to brand identity, and should not be taken lightly. It’s the face of your brand — so you’ll need a thorough logo creation process.Brochure Design for Philadelphia Higher Education, westminster, westminster website, push10, westminster logo, push10 branding, logo creation

Devising a logo that will emulate the meaning of your brand in one piece can seem daunting. Whether it be strong and powerful, sleek and simple, or soft and nostalgic consumers are constantly presented with logos. The memorable ones have been well thought out and implemented through branding and strategy.


So, how do you relay your brand into a memorable logo? Let’s explore.


Smaller is better. When designing a logo you want to make sure the logo isn’t enormous. This is a symbol that will represent your brand on many different platforms. If the design is too large, it may be a bit overbearing and take away from what your company does. Think about a few high-end brands such as Apple, BMW, and CHANEL you see simplicity and recognizable logos. Often companies with the smallest logos are most confident in their brands. 


Face of your brand. Importantly, this small graphic is the face of your brand. It must appear well-organized and clean. A busy logo leads to jumbled communication, which is especially unappealing to new or prospective customers. Logos made of clean bold lines are easier on the eye, and as such, are more noticeable. Steering clear of trendy typefaces will create a timeless design that will last over the years. Redesigns are inevitable, however in order to build a brand presence you don’t want a redesign every other year. 


Logos, logos, everywhere. In order to associate your logo with your brand, it needs to be present. It is imperative that your logo be on all of your collateral, creating the connection between your logo and brand. At the same time making sure not to overwhelm or let the logo take over the product – that’s where the smaller size comes back into play. Whether on print materials or web presence, your logo should be unmistakable. Think of anytime you see a commercial filled with red and white, bold lines, and simplistic settings — you immediately connect it with Target. A brand that has taken their logo and embedded it into their branding so deeply that it’s unmistakable, that’s the goal. Flowing from one medium to the next, your logo should be everywhere.


Overall, take your logo creation seriously. What might seem like a small element of the branding strategy and process, is actually quite important. The logo is bridging your brand and it’s presence out to consumers every single moment.

Here at Push10 we enjoy working with clients on a number of branding services, including brand strategy and logo design. Our goal is to ensure your company is delivering a composed and consistent brand to your current customers and prospective audience.

Not sure if your current logo is working for you?? We can help!

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