Web Design for Love Beets

Making Beets Easy to Love

Push10 designed and developed an award-winning website for Love Beets with uniquely-branded illustrations and many interactive elements. Hand-drawn icons add personality throughout while creating a secondary level of information. Long-scrolling storytelling pages, sortable recipes and a store locator all make for a user-friendly website that is a pleasure to browse on a variety of devices. In addition, a customized WordPress backend makes maintenance simple and intuitive.



Meet the Beets

On each individual product page, we kept things fun and upbeat with bold colors and on-brand custom typography. Site administrators can easily assign key icons and related recipes or blog posts to appear on individual product pages. Adding new products is also simple and straightforward using the customized WordPress backend.

Long-scroll Storytelling

Push10 turned a page of boring “about us” text into an intriguing story. This long-scroll page chronicles the history of the brand with custom illustrated sections.

Dynamic Bios

Push10 created hand-drawn frames to highlight each profile photo. To add an extra level of interest, a secondary photo of each team member appears on rollover.

A Quirky Footer

We didn’t ignore the footer of the site. On hover, the social media icons can be “picked” from the background using a special jQuery animation.

Long Scroll Storytelling About Page for Love Beets Website

Taking Beets to the Streets

Love Beets’ newly designed website features a highly interactive responsive layout, rich imagery, a lifestyle blog, store locator and a recipe gallery. Together these sections highlight the health benefits of beets and their many uses – from salads and entrees to smoothies and desserts. With products available in more than 6,500 retailers nationwide and in Canada, we’re betting that it won’t be long before everyone begins to truly Love Beets!

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Quote Icon for Push10 Client Reviews

“Absolutely awesome! You nailed it and we are so impressed with the overall design and style of everything. We LOVE all of the detail... the site has that ‘wow’ factor that we were definitely looking for.”

Natasha Shapiro, Marketing Manager, Love Beets


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