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Your brand expresses the heart of your organization. It’s more than a logo, a font, or a color: Your brand is a strategic identity that captures your essence and wins over your audience. We provide branding services that help your brand find its voice, stand out, and make an impact.

Why Branding Matters

When it comes to brand building, it’s common to make the mistake of shooting in the dark without a clear, unified brand strategy. Developing a proper brand identity and voice, then applying it with consistency, makes all of your marketing communication more effective, resulting in a compounding ROI over time.

A successful brand transcends the decoration of a logo or tagline to convey a deeper purpose that resonates with your audience. If you were building a house, you would concentrate on the foundation before concerning yourself with appliances and countertops, right?

A Good Brand is Part Beauty, Part Brains
Our branding process involves working with your team to define and articulate your purpose, then understand your specific products and services. This holistic understanding and approach leads to the creation of effective designs and real-world business solutions.

Ultimately, a well-defined purpose and clear, concise messaging do not become effective without consistency. For this reason, sound, actionable brand strategy is at the core of all we do.

We consider consumer trust, loyalty and emotional bonding, because when the right emotional chord is struck, the groundwork for a lasting relationship is laid. Your brand strategy will consider all these parts and outline the ideal audience journey so you know when, how, and why customers are interacting with your brand.

From logo design, to corporate identity, to your website, we have the proven experience to create strong, consistent executions of your brand, appealing to your target market on an emotional level and giving your organization a key competitive advantage.

Push10’s strategic branding process consists of the following phases:
1. Discovery & Consultation
2. Research & Audit
3. Definition & Positioning
4. Brand Expression
5. Brand Education & Awareness
6. Implementation, Support, and Measurement

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