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The Flag of Providence

Providence Forum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to encourage intergenerational conversation surrounding the founding beliefs of our nation and to inspire Americans to become more passionate citizens. Push10 helped define opportunities to engage with a new generation while building a new comprehensive brand identity.

A New Brand to Communicate

The Vision of a New Nation

The patriotic brand was built around the "Flag of Providence" logo mark, which combines together the theology and symbolism of a 6-pointed star, the American Flag, and the flight of a dove.

An Engaging Mobile Experience:

Considering a New Generation

After defining and shaping the Foundation's brand, Push10 uncovered opportunities to strategically engage audiences. We helped to translate existing long-form print media into compelling digital stories and interactive experiences. The Faith & Freedom walking tour is one such example, where an interactive map, audio, and video content helps guide users through Philadelphia's historic landmarks.

Telling the Story of Our Founding Fathers

Providence Forum's wealth of content naturally lent itself to long-scroll storytelling pages. The narrative of the last liberty tree is a key landing page that encourages users to engage with our nation's past. Key calls to action allow visitors to dig deeper into similar stories or support ongoing initiatives surrounding the project.

Intro Screens

A two-frame introductory panel slows down the pace and allows for deeper storytelling

Lastest Updates

Site admins are able to feature the most pertinent Providence Forum stories and projects directly on the Homepage. Users can search or navigate this long-form content by topic tag.

Calls to Action

A stylized Twitter feed, shop & donate panel, and newsletter signup give users a variety of ways to further engage with the brand directly from the Homepage.

A Successful Brand Launch

Push10 conducted internal educational sessions, built a comprehensive brand book, designed and developed an engaging new website, and crafted email templates to support a successful brand launch for Providence Forum.

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Rebuilding the Providence Forum brand strategy and then executing through a bold new website was a very exciting opportunity for our team. We are thrilled to see increased conversation surrounding the brand.

Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Creative Director, Push10

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