Dazed and infused

Make mine a double

Middle 8 Brewing Company was inspired by twin passions of homebrewing and music. The brewer began over 10 years ago, starting with small malt extract batches then larger all-grain setups, perfecting recipes and blasting rock tunes all along the way. Push10 worked closely with the client to develop a brand name and to ultimately craft a unique visual language for the new brand.

Logo and Label Design for Middle 8 Brewing's Hazy Daze Double IPA Beer

A lot of rough nights

The Naming Process

As a very new beer on the scene, coining a name for the brewery was no small task. The Push10 team held extensive strategy meetings to understand the brewery’s history, draw upon the musical background of the brewers, and to discuss the future of the brand. After considerable team brainstorming, the name and the initial product line nomenclature was solidified. Middle 8 refers to the musical 8-bar break that occurs in the middle of most popular song styles. It can be unexpected and refreshing at the same time – all while keeping that sweet groove thumping.

Logo and Label Design for Middle 8 Brewing's Rough Night Breakfast Pils Beer

Custom Lettering & Illustration

Package Design

To reflect the detail and passion behind each brew, Push10 hand lettered each label. While the color palette and general layout remain consistent, every beer has it’s own symbolic instrument and iconography to represent it's unique flavor profile.

Logo and Label Design for Middle 8 Brewing's Mash Up Cream Ale Beer

A Scalable Logo

Push10 created an adaptable mark that can be used seamlessly on different types of packaging and promotional materials as the brewery grows. The overall brand has a timeless typography-focused style that will propel the brewery far into the future.

Responsive logo design for Philadelphia Middle 8 Brewing
Animated Line Art

We used the branded artwork for each label to create a website header that is unique and eye-catching. The development team had fun working on the subtle animations that bring this artwork to life.

Double Vision

We've added a blur animation when you reach the bottom of the page to replicate drunk double vision.

A Digital Experience

Push10 created a digital marketing strategy for Middle 8 Brewing with a responsive splash page and dynamic animations. The site takes the user on an interactive journey through the different flavors of beer.

Push10 Branding Web Design and Development for Middle 8 Brewing Visit Site
Custom Icon Design

“This Project was a dream job for our designers. We loved utilizing all of our skills to create this unique and fun brand. Cheers!”

Emily Schilling, Designer

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