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Research, Strategy & Design

The John Templeton Foundation supports efforts to advance human well-being through scientific research and public engagement. With past branding initiatives yielding mixed results, JTF sought a partner to execute a comprehensive brand overhaul across all mediums that accurately translated its foundational mission for today's modern audience. Once we established the brand strategy and messaging, our next step was to design a new logo for the foundation. We created alternate versions of the primary mark to adapt to a wide variety of situations, both in print and on screen.

Logo Design for NPO John Templeton Foundation

Stay Curious

Successful brands begin with a sound promise and strategic messaging. From that foundation, we created a wide variety of marketing collateral, as well as comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure all communication remains on target and in line with the brand's open minded, curious and collaborative voice.

Launching a New Templeton Foundation

After we established the primary brand, we began executing the new JTF brand across a wide range of marketing materials. We developed a unique brand strategy - complete with business cards, letterheads, envelopes, memo pads, name tags, podium signs, presentations, wall signs and more.

Spreading the Message Online

On a mission to inform with clarity, we employed a thorough content strategy to distil the most important information in a way that maximized customer usability. In execution, we simplified the navigation to highlight Funding Areas, Grants, and Partners, with a special section called ‘Discoveries’ to promote exploration. Additionally, we implemented an array of dramatic video pieces that engage users and convey the spirit of JTF’s grantees, as well as the projects they fund.

Responsive web design for non-profits
Background Videos

There are four unique videos that play at random, based off of a four part question: Are there limits to what we can believe, discover, see or understand?

Subtle Animations

In order to bring the discoveries of JTF to life, we developed a unique animation that brings images into focus as the user scrolls down the page.

Stay Informed

With prominent teasers for news & events, users can easily keep up with all things Templeton.

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Connect with JTF on Any Device

With this much valuable content, it was crucial to stress accessibility in our design. The result was a modern and engaging responsive website which allows users to search for grants, view calendar updates and explore all that is the John Templeton Foundation - anywhere, anytime.

John Templeton Foundation website by Push10 on desktop, tablet and phone Visit Site
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John Templeton Foundation was a dream client! We were able to try new things and really push the envelope. I think our team can be very proud of the outcome and feel confident we've provided our client with a solid brand platform from which to grow.

Emily Schilling, Designer, Push10

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