A Bubbly New Seltzer Brand

At Push10, we're all about healthy beverage options and are especially obsessive when it comes to our seltzers. We recently began experimenting with our own herbal infused seltzer flavors not normally found in the market that treat our common ailments like headaches and stress, as well as promote the general health of our bodies - such as our gut chemistry!

Developing the Name & Logo

Our team focused on developing a name that captured the key overarching ideas associated with the brand: it's underlying healing properties and a bold sense of energy and playfulness. While names such as ‘AID,’ ‘Elixer,’ and ‘Releaf’ were all considered, ‘MEND’ had a lighthearted sound and strong apothecarial connotations without being too on-the-nose. Push10 then created a logo that not only captured the essence of the brand, but that could be adapted across various print and digital brand materials.

A Bold Launch

Push10 created a digital strategy for Mend via a responsive splash page with eye catching animations. The site effectively introduces the new products to the health conscious community in a memorable way.

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Not only were we able to craft a quirky brand that embodied our own health values - we also developed a package design so fun and distinct, it‘s sure to enhance the aesthetic of our team's pantries and fridges!

Kimber Dulin, Project Manager, Push10

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