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The space at Wedge & Fig is something out of a storybook; a secret secluded garden hidden away from the noisy Philadelphia streets. Push10 re-imagined the Wedge & Fig brand language and created a logo system that reflects the vibrancy and sophistication of the restaurant’s ambiance and cuisine.
Push10 serves CPG clients via Aid&Abet, its specialized food marketing agency. As part of an ongoing partnership, Aid&Abet is helping to refine and enhance the burgeoning family of brands, just like Wedge & Fig.

A Truly Custom Identity

We began with the logo. We talked to friends, we stopped people on the street and we gauged countless reactions. While the old mark wasn’t offending anyone, most thought that it was too sterile and a bit childish for such a unique European ambiance. Hours of research later, our team discovered a library of painted signs from Parisian storefronts. We decided that we could add a modern twist to the centuries-old art form with watercolors, and the big idea was born.

For Every Personality, There’s a Cheese

To apply the new brand to the take-out gourmet cheese counter, we focused on the business card, which was designed to be used as a hang tag on house-made products for an impromptu packaging solution. To package larger wedges of cheese, we created custom paper and sticker labels.

An Interactive Menu

In order to accommodate the frequently changing specials, we developed a menu system that allows staff to handwrite updates and recommendations – a mini version of the restaurant’s existing chalkboard menus. We incorporated custom-drawn icons which added a bit of fun and flourish to the text.

Not For Sharing

Push10 developed a bold takeout bag to subtly advertise the cafe’s high-quality menu. The clever packaging also served as a conversation starter for those unfamiliar with the brand.

On the Streets

To give the new brand the attention it deserves, the design and copywriting teams sat down to develop a series of outdoor advertisements. Using clever copy, custom photography and old-school sign painting techniques, we were able to devise a campaign that could redirect both foot and auto traffic to our favorite local cheese shop.

Custom Photography

We set up an in-house photo shoot to capture a high-quality primary banner image.

A Call to Action

Rather than burying the restaurant’s hours and address on the contact page, we brought them front and center for increased visibility.

User-Friendly Menus

Bold links to each menu are prominent on every device, making it easy for users to view the restaurant’s offerings at any time.

Wedge and Fig Website Design Long Scroll Page with Custom Illustrations and Icons by Push10
Wedge and Fig Responsive Website Design Work for all devices by Push10
Push10 Testimonial

“Revamping the Wedge & Fig brand from the ground up was truly a passion project for the creative team.”

Sabrina Pfautz, Designer, Push10

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