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The Garrison Institute has a strong reputation as a physical retreat center and hub of contemplative practices. Looking to expand their reach, the Institute approached Push10 to enhance and refresh their brand to help them build a more compassionate and resilient future.

Getting a 360° view

Our team began by auditing the existing Garrison Institute brand and website. From there, we outlined a comprehensive research plan that included creative workshops, audience surveys, and interviews with nearly thirty internal and external stakeholders. Together, these research tactics provided us with a 360° view of the Garrison brand.

Garrison Institute Branding Design Core Brand Message

Establishing a core message

Equipped with the insights from our research, we recommended a core brand message that connects all of Garrison’s audiences.

Garrison Institute Branding Design Messaging Playbook

Ready-to-go audience messaging

Our team also created an exhaustive brand messaging playbook that contains practical guidelines for communicating across Garrison’s various audiences. The playbook outlines audience-specific messaging, proof points, and tips for writing on behalf of the Garrison Institute brand.

From contemplation to implementation

The Garrison Institute’s mission is about more than mindfulness. It’s also about positive action. We began our creative exploration by examining a wide range of themes that brought the interconnected, inviting, and sophisticated brand voice to life.


Our teaching, practice, and mission are connected to ancient wisdom and to the natural world around us. We are a bridge connecting modern society to beneficial contemplative practices of breath and body, of mindfulness and compassion, of emotional wisdom and interconnection.


We are a community of change-makers. We put our mission into action by encouraging personal and societal transformation. We’re building the future we want to see, together.


We are a serious institute with a deep understanding of contemplative practices. Our approach is researched, studied, and considered. We are deeply committed to our work.

Creative exploration

Our team explored several creative directions, ranging from bold natural patterns to soft diffused gradients.

Garrison Institute Branding Logo Refresh

Natural patterns

The new brand uses graphic elements inspired by the golden ratio to create structure, balance, and purpose. In addition, a continuous line treatment creates unique thematic connections between different image types.

Applying the new brand

Launching a new brand is a big deal. To help the Garrison team successfully introduce their new brand to the world, we created an arsenal of branded marketing assets, such as social media post templates, postcards, and a brochure cover.

Ancient wisdom for modern layouts

The golden ratio grid is a practical layout tool that illustrates the intersection—and harmony between—humanity and the natural world. Individual shapes from the golden ratio grid can also be used as unique, stand-alone graphic elements. This thoughtful approach allows Garrison Institute team members to create endless new graphics while maintaining a shared visual foundation.

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