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A Strategic Approach

Resource Real Estate strives to deliver investment alternatives that directly address the need for durable and growing investment income. After meeting the staff at Resource, our strategy and creative teams focused on highlighting the unique alternative investment approach Resource has to offer.

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Innovative Solutions

The previous Resource Real Estate website didn't speak to their objective to provide innovative, income investment solutions, nor did it create brand authority. In order to solve this problem, Push10 began by working closely with Resource throughout our planning phase. We created user personas, user flows, sitemaps, wireframes, visual briefs and other research-based items to enhance the online experience of their target market.

It's About the User

We increased brand authority by creating a strong branded style that can be used throughout the site. All visuals had a purpose; to seamlessly move users from one section to the next through suggested vertical elements and arrows. The history slider show below emphasizes the middle milestone by zooming in on the content piece.

Resource real estate visual historical timeline

A large, bold animated hero image was designed to engage users and draw them into the site.

An asymmetrical layout guides users down the long-scroll page.

We designed a masonry grid of posts to feature recent news and important information.

resource real estate homepage webdesign

A Responsive Solution

We created a modern user interface design and experience that adapts responsively across all devices. Whether you're browsing on a desktop display or small phone screen, it's clear that Resource Real Estate has a strong visual presence and innovative solutions.

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Driven by Results

Resource Real Estate has been seeing impressive, measurable improvements in user engagement and site performance, including a lift in both session duration and pages per session.

Emily Schilling, Web Designer, Push10

We were able to explore unique design and animation options, which elevated the overall aesthetic and increased user engagement. We are thrilled with the outcome!

Emily Schilling, Designer

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