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Mindful by Sodexo creates delicious food to help you get started on your journey toward health. While their collection of recipes are designed for use in their cafes, Mindful is an approach that you can easily adopt at home with your family. Ready to share these recipes and healthy living and eating tips with the world, Mindful came to Push10 to join in the journey of making mindful accessible to everyone.


Push10 serves CPG clients via Aid&Abet, its specialized food & beverage agency. As part of an ongoing partnership, Aid&Abet is helping to refine and enhance the burgeoning family of brands, just like Sodexo.


Healthy Choice Made Easy

Mindful by Sodexo needed a user-friendly interface to encompass a body of resources including a library of meals, recipes, eating tips, health tips, challenges, and dietitian Q&A. Push10 came up with a simple layout and tagging system, that lets the user filter with a click of a button.

Push10 Website Strategy for Healthy Living brand shown on a tablet.

A Dose of Wellness

Mindful Challenges are a way for users to join the Mindful community and work towards goals together. The Push10 team suggested bringing in social media sharing links that make it easy to pass along information and share challenges with friends.

Let’s Taco Bout It!

Push10 designed two homepage “takeovers” that highlight specific promotions and exciting news. This example is the “Make it Mindful” takeover that includes a taco contest and recipes to some of Mindful’s favorite tacos.

Featured Recipe

A featured recipe post can be highlighted here and easily updated with the season.

Mindful Eating & Living Posts

Mindful can feature a mix of eating tips, health tips, and recipes in this section to highlight the health and wellness aspects of the brand.

Social Integration

We’ve added the ability to pull in tweets from the Mindful Twitter page that update automatically.

Web Design for Sodexo, a Healthy Living Brand
Push10 Testimonial

Working with the Sodexo team on this project was incredibly fulfilling, and we’re excited to embark on future initiatives together to push what’s possible for the health-conscious community online.

Ken Beasley, Director of Strategy, Push10

Challenges Solved

Updated Visual Design

We spent time with the Sodexo team to understand the essence of the Mindful brand. With their vision in mind, we crafted a new look and feel that is warm and welcoming, yet simultaneously clean and unquestionably modern.

Special Promotions

We developed a series of special homepage “takeovers” and dedicated content sections to increase user engagement with Mindful’s new fitness ambassador and annual Make It Mindful competition.

Educational Content

After auditing the old site’s content and analytics, we found huge opportunities to streamline the site and reduce user confusion. Our organization of Mindful’s educational resources increased the duration of visits to the site, as users are now able to find and engage with content that is relevant to them.

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