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Hankin Group is a full-service real estate company that designs, develops, and manages commercial and residential properties. After many years spent developing a well-respected presence in their space, it was time their original brand and website caught up with their impeccable reputation. We partnered with Hankin’s team to learn exactly why their audiences loved them, and turned that research into a brand identity and website that felt as warm and confident as the communities they create.

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Great Brands Start With Great Strategy

We executed a research plan including a competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, and a number of surveys to learn about Hankin Group’s situation from all angles. By looking at the challenge from multiple perspectives, we were able to create a proverbial 3D model of what Hankin’s brand was, and better project what it should be to meet their goals.

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Leading With the Brand Story

Our research helped us identify what was at the core of Hankin Group’s brand: the art of building enduring communities. This theme became the foundation on which we developed Hankin’s brand positioning, messaging, and visual identity. Regardless of whether Hankin has their B2B or B2C hat on, their story is one that will stick.

A Natural and Welcome Evolution

Hankin Group’s former logo carried with it equity and recognition. Still, it was dated: a mark that didn’t reflect the brand’s current vision. Rather than design a new logo from scratch, we opted for an evolutionary approach. This tack let us maintain the existing equity in Hankin’s visual identity while giving us the flexibility to modernize the brand.

Real-Life Architecture Made Stronger by Brand Architecture

We created several versions of the logo design, resulting in distinctive brand identities for each division, including Hankin Construction, Hankin Property Management, and Hankin Apartments.

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Using a Strong Brand to Create a Stronger Website

We planned, designed, and developed Hankin Group’s new website using their revitalized brand identity as the foundation. More than just a visual refresh, Hankin’s new site creates clearer pathways for their various audiences to find and engage with relevant content. At the end of the day, websites are tools to achieve a business goal—this one just happens to excel in both form and function.

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Built for Impact

When the new Hankin Group website went live, it immediately went to work to help them achieve their business goals. With more people visiting, clicking, and contacting the firm, we can confidently call this site a success.


overall increase in average time on page.


increase in contact page views.

Push10 Testimonial

The new brand identity and website we created for Hankin Group represents the latest in a long line of notable projects for architecture, construction, and engineering firms.

Greg Henry, President, Push10

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