Web Design For Guy Shropshire

A Family of Heritage Brands

In order to showcase their growing portfolio of food & beverage companies, Guy Shropshire Brands looked to Push10 to design and develop a responsive website that effectively showcases the organization’s family farm heritage.



Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Push10 worked with the Shropshire marketing team to design a strategic website that married the brand’s traditional aesthetic with modern layout principles. The one-page website clearly explains Shropshire’s mission and values but places most of the focus squarely on the family of brands they represent.

User-Friendly Navigation

Upon scroll, the main navigation bar resizes to accommodate the logo and sticks to the top of the page.

Easy Maintenance

These scrolling sections move from left-to-right when there are more than three items. When less than three, they automatically collapse and the arrows are removed.

User Friendly Web Design for the Food and Beverage Industry by Push10, Guy Shropshire brands website

Modern & Responsive Storytelling

Push10 married a traditional farm-chic design with modern functionality. The long-scroll Guy Shropshire Brands website tells the story of the company beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Website Design and Development for Philadelphia Food & Beverage Brand
Testimonial for Philadelphia Graphic Design Company, push10 customer reviews, push10 reviews

“We just reviewed this together and really love it! I think it really nails the look we wanted and is very sophisticated.”

Natasha Shapiro, Marketing Manager, Guy Shropshire Brands

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