Branding and Web Design for Local Nonprofit

Not Your Average Farm

Carversville Farm Foundation is not your average farm. Why? Because it's also a nonprofit. Led by a team of passionate agriculturists, CFF combines ecological regeneration and sustainable farming to serve the environment as well as the community. We set out to design a playful brand that echoed their unique mission, complete with packaging, marketing collateral, and a fresh fun website. 

A Fresh Start Poised for Sustainable Growth

From nutrition to farming to education, Carversville's mission is diverse and far-reaching. Thus, Push10 created a flexible, yet consistent design system to communicate Carversville's key messages through a wide range of channels.

Simple, Yet Powerful.

Carversville's core message is "Feed. Teach. Nurture." This simple, yet powerful statement effectively communicates the farm's overall mission and goals. Thus, we planned, designed, and developed the website around these bold statements. From the content to the overall site architecture, we used vivid imagery juxtaposed with ample white space to drive home Carversville's vision.

Responsive design for nonprofit farm shown on tablet
Vivid Images. Minimal Illustrations.

The site features many vivid images paired with subtle illustrations, resulting in a friendly and welcoming tone.

Custom Icons

Push10 illustrated custom icons to enhance the branded appearance of the website.

Simple Infographics

Carversville has amassed some impressive data in a short period of time. Infographics proved to be the perfect vehicle to communicate key metrics at a glance.

Social Integration

Carversville Farm Foundation works closely with the community. We integrated their Instagram feed to add personality and a sense of connection via user-generated content.

User interface design for Carversville Farm Foundation by Push10

From Farm to Table. And Beyond.

From farmers to students to those in need, Carversville's target demographic is extremely diverse. To appeal to their audience and maximize reach, we designed the new site to perform equally as well across a wide range of devices.

Responsive web design for non-profit in the Philadelphia organic food industry Visit Site
Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Design Director, Push10

“We are excited to see Carversville Farm Foundation grow and continue to make a positive impact on the Philadelphia region.”

Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Creative Director, Push10

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