Blackfynn Website Redesign

Simplifying scientific data

Wrangling scientific data is no easy task. Push10 designed and developed a promotional website to help Blackfynn market their revolutionary platform, which consolidates and organizes scientific research data.

Blackfynn medical research company responsive web design shown on tablet
Teal blue magnifying glass search icon by Push10

Teal blue medical clipboard icon by Push10

Teal blue medical mobile device icon by Push10

Taking the Blackfynn Message on the Road

Push10 designed two graphically-rich trade show displays to help Blackfynn communicate both their brand message and key selling points at various conferences within the scientific community.

Clear & Concise Navigation

One of Blackfynn's core principles is simplicity. We carry this theme to the web via a simple and intuitive navigation structure.

Minimal, yet Powerful

Often, simplicity can be mistaken for boring. To prevent this, Push10 implemented high-impact background images throughout the site.

Prominent Calls to Action

As with all promotional websites, conversions are key. Push10 strategically placed compelling calls to action in key areas of the website.

Effective Integration

Push10 linked the website's forms to MailChimp, allowing Blackfynn to efficiently track and nurture leads.

Custom website for medical research company by Push10

Smart, Concise & Responsive Website Design and Development

Push10 planned, designed and developed an engaging website with prominent visual cues, clear copy points and strategic calls to action.

Medical Research website design on mobile, tablet, and desktop computer Visit Site
Emily Schilling, Web Designer, Push10

“From desktops to tablets to smartphones, our goal was to deliver a compelling and consistent user experience across all devices.”

Emily Schilling, Design Diva, Push10

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