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Quick Overview

The Background

NephCure is a nonprofit that empowers people with rare protein-spilling kidney disease to take charge of their health, while also leading the revolution in research, new treatments, and care. After tremendous growth, the organization was poised to secure more funding and reach more patients, but had a fragmented and diluted brand that was holding them back. Push10 collaborated with the NephCure team to create a comprehensive new brand system to help propel the organization into the future.

Reconsider the Name

We conducted focused research to inform a strategic approach to the organization’s name and tagline. 

Establish Positioning

We crafted succinct mission, vision, and values statements along with a compelling brand anthem that captures the spirit of NephCure’s work. 

Build the Visual Identity

We designed a bold new logo and supporting visual styles to bring the brand to life. 


Research & Audit

We started off by auditing NephCure’s existing brand, surveying their audiences, and reviewing their competitive landscape. We identified a number of key insights, including misalignment around the mission statement and a lack of meaningful equity in the logo.

Community Matters

Through our survey data, we uncovered that “fear of the unknown” is the hardest part of living with a rare kidney disease diagnosis. This need for support and community formed the nucleus of our brand messaging and creative concepts.


Brand Positioning & Visual Identity

We worked alongside NephCure’s team to refine the brand’s fundamental written communication elements. We clarified the organization’s tagline and wrote their mission, vision, values, and anthem statements that highlight NephCure’s role as a connector and place for support. Then, we developed a visual brand that brought those key messages to life.

Before and After

NephCure’s prior logo blended into the competitive landscape. Research also showed that the full brand name, “NephCure Kidney International” created confusion as the organization is located in the United States. Together with the client, we agreed to streamline the name and created a bold new logo that features a kidney formed by connecting lines that represent a strong supportive community and hope for the future.

Palette & Typography

We crafted NephCure’s color palette around the primary hue of NephCure Teal, which imparts a profound and tranquil tone, evoking a strong awareness.




NephCure Push10 typography

Tiempos is a contemporary serif that gives headlines an editorial feel while providing warmth with its curvilinear characters.

NephCure Push10 typography

The logotype is crafted from Mont, a strong sans serif. Mont provides optimal legibility across the brand while maintaining approachability.

NephCure Push10 illustration style from the Brand Style Guide
NephCure Push10 brand photography and gradient design from the Brand Style Guide
NephCure Push10 business card design

Strategic Messaging

Patients and their families or caregivers are some of NephCure’s most important audiences. We created a Messaging Playbook to help outline key messages and supporting proof points that will resonate with these audience members throughout their journey. This guide helps NephCure maintain consistency when communicating to the people who matter most.

Based on our research data, we outlined the questions, pain points, and fears that patients and caregivers experience throughout their treatment journey.

With each audience’s journey in mind, we created plug-and-play messaging that helps NephCure communicate in the right way at the right time.


Sub Brand Architecture

As a growing modern nonprofit, NephCure has many initiatives and events. Push10 analyzed each subbrand and created a system to consistently manage subbrands into the future.

A Sub Brand System

We created templates for five categories of sub brands grouped by their intended audience and/or purpose.

NephCure Push10 sub brand category palette application

Launching the Brand

With the new brand in place, we created a launch campaign to secure funding for NephCure’s future. Our research indicated that personal stories were most likely to cut through the noise, so we worked to promote stories that highlight how NephCure’s community can save kidneys and save lives.

Marketing team poses in front of step-and-repeat logo wall at event
NephCure community poses in front of step-and-repeat logo wall at event
Teaming up with Push10 was instrumental in giving our written and visual identity a fresh boost. The comprehensive research their team conducted captured the essence of who we are to our core, resulting in a modern and revitalized look that truly represents the dynamic rare kidney disease community we serve.
Kylie Karley, Director, Marketing & Communications, NephCure

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