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Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC) is a champion for the vulnerable and underserved. When we first met them, they had a somewhat generic logo design and an overall brand identity that struggled to connect these individuals with the pro bono legal services they could use. Also, there was more to TLSC than the brand communicated—they are actively working to make the system more just for all. We partnered with this incredible nonprofit to solve these challenges through a new brand, positioning them to help even more people in the process.

An Effective Nonprofit Brand Strategy is an Informed One

We started this process with a robust discovery phase that included stakeholder interviews, workshops, surveys, academic research reviews, and client interviews. Why so much research? Because recommending the best path forward requires understanding the challenge from every angle.

Nonprofit Brand Architecture Research and Strategy

Building the Brand Hierarchy

Through our discovery, we learned that TLSC’s existing brand hierarchy was causing confusion, and presenting an unnecessary hurdle for those in need of help. The brand architecture was confusing, and many potential clients didn’t recognize their issues as legal in nature. By simplifying their services and clarifying their sub-brands, we were able to remove barriers standing in the way of people getting the legal services they need.

Translating TLSC’s Mission Through Design

Inspired by protest signs from the 1960s and 70s, TLSC’s new logo design captures the spirit of their mission. Drawing on TLSC’s vision to ensure equal justice for all, the logo mark subtly integrates an “equals” sign that can be used across a wide variety of marketing collateral as a smart, engaging design element.

Push10 Testimonial

We really appreciate Push10 and all that you’ve done. Your work has really helped us. It’s been a great process and we’re so grateful!

Karen Miller, Executive Director, Texas Legal Services Center

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