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Responsive web design for Templeton Prize, a mission-driven foundation

Quick Overview

The Background

The John Templeton Prize is one of the most highly regarded honors in the world, awarded to the individuals brave enough to tackle life’s Big Questions. Over time, this honor had begun to fray at the edges due to an inconsistent award schedule, outdated marketing, and no clear answers to the what and why of the Prize. Our longtime partners at the John Templeton Foundation turned to us to help them restore the Templeton Prize to its former glory, reintroducing it to the world with a new brand identity and web design to better represent this prestigious award.

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Survey the Brand

To know where to take the Templeton Prize brand, we needed to understand exactly where it stood.

Reimagine the Prize

The resulting strategy became the foundation for a successful identity redesign.

Bring It to Life

A new web design brought the reimagined John Templeton Prize brand to life.


Shaping the Brand Strategy

The Big Questions confronted by the Templeton Prize winners are not easy ones to address. We approached this rebrand with big and difficult questions of our own. Only with those answers in hand could we uncover the true opportunities before us.

Challenge One: A lack of brand awareness

We embarked on a comprehensive discovery process to uncover what this brand truly wanted to be. According to our survey, over 50% of respondents said they were “not at all familiar” with the Templeton Prize, while an additional 24% selected “not very familiar.”

Challenge Two: A disappearing enthusiasm for the Prize

The Prize’s brand has a long, distinguished history, yet has been losing equity and prestige over time, which is an indication of a larger public perception problem. To quote one Prize stakeholder: “The Prize is lacking a certain amount of excitement and energy needed to capture attention.”


A Brand Identity, Reborn

Equipped with a list of key findings from our discovery phase, we designed a new brand identity for the Templeton Prize. The final logo design establishes the Prize as distinct from the John Templeton Foundation, while drawing equity from its widely recognized parent brand through similar typography and a familiar logo format. The new visual identity, paired with a refreshed and concise brand definition, cleared the path forward for a revitalized Templeton Prize.

At the nexus of science and spirituality

The final mark’s interwoven geometric layers symbolize the physical and metaphysical dimensions implicit in The Prize’s vision. Hexagons are classically revered for their strength, symmetry, and balance across scientific and spiritual disciplines, making it the ideal shape to define this brand’s bold and interdisciplinary mission.

Business card design for mission-based organization corporate identity
Brand identity design for Templeton Prize, an award honoring progress in science and spirituality

Typography & Color

A few basic rules for choosing typography and color are one, make it readable, two, make it visually appealing, and three, make sure both are inline with the overall brand aesthetic. On top of checking these boxes, we also needed to consider the strategic directive to build on the existing brand equity of the John Templeton Foundation, while simultaneously making the Prize’s visual identity unique.

Brand palette for Templeton Prize, an award honoring progress in science and spirituality



Brand typography for Templeton Prize, an award honoring progress in science and spirituality

Freight Big Pro is an elegant, modern serif that imbues headlines and other principal messaging with striking prestige.

Brand typography for Templeton Prize, an award honoring progress in science and spirituality

We chose a bolder face in the Freight family for quotes and testimonials, helping to create a satisfying contrast with surrounding content.

Brand typography for Templeton Prize, an award honoring progress in science and spirituality

Freight Sans Pro serves as an ideal counterpart to its serif siblings, providing optimal legibility and consistency across the brand.


Building the Digital Strategy

Templeton Prize’s reimagined brand laid the foundation for a revitalized website. We worked closely with the Prize’s team to define the goals of their organization, the goals of their audience, and where the two intersected. The resulting content strategy told the Prize’s story while providing users with targeted and relevant information. Templeton Prize’s new web design now boasts a digital strategy that compliments the improved visual identity to elevate the organization’s worthy mission.

Effective UX starts with the user

To give users the best experience, we had to understand them first. Who are the Prize’s users? Why do they come to the website? These and other foundational questions framed our approach to creating a strategic, user-centric web design that effectively communicates the Prize’s mission and vision.

Mapping the path forward

Effective sitemaps are necessary elements for every website, and the Prize was no exception. We used this step of the process to think outside the box, challenge assumptions, and ultimately position the building blocks of the site to create the most efficient and effective user experience possible.


Mission-Driven Web Design

Our approach to designing the new Templeton Prize website could be boiled down to three words spoken by John Templeton himself: “enthusiasm for progress.” The Prize continues to recognize the world’s boldest thinkers, while promoting a sense of belonging and unity. The new web design reflects this noble mission—always bold, always modern, and never abandoning the needs of the audience.

Mobile responsive web design for Templeton Prize, an mission-driven award

The faces staring into the great unknowns of life’s biggest questions

As we uncovered in our research, the distinguished laureates of the Prize carried an enormous amount of weight for the brand. To convey their importance, we designed bold pages to highlight each individual laureate to effectively highlight their notable achievements.


Strategy-First Web Development

The final polished site that lives today began with an open conversation between our design and development teams. How can technology, branding, and design coalesce to create a better digital experience? With intensive cross-team collaboration, we employed cutting edge web development techniques to deliver a site as unique and world-class as the Prize itself.

Smooth scrolling for a more natural user experience

Often, manipulating a browser’s default scroll spells awkward and uncomfortable UX. Using novel development techniques and a keen eye for usability, we successfully implemented a smooth scrolling feature that doesn’t only feel natural, it feels like a premier experience that elevates the Prize’s brand.

Excellence is in the details

Subtle micro-animations throughout the site help connote the feeling of quality and attention to detail. While intentionally subtle, these technical gestures elevate users’ trust of the brand, one of the core goals the Prize hoped to achieve via the new website.

Giving shape to Templeton Prize’s brand and web design was a testament to how marketing can address bigger organizational challenges. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and neither could our fantastic clients.
Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Creative Director, Push10

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