Trazee Travel Website Magazine Design

A unique travel website for the millennial generation

Trazee Travel engaged Push10 to design and develop a new online travel magazine targeted towards millennials. In addition to a complex web of various post types and categories, the magazine also features an events calendar as well as a robust advertising system.


Custom Icon Illustrations for a Travel Blogging Website by Push10.

Trazee Travels With You

Wherever You Go

Trazee Travel’s website features a user-friendly responsive interface design, allowing for an optimal user experience across desktops, phones, and tablets.

Front & Center

Large “photos of the day” are displayed prominently in the homepage banner area.

Custom Posts

A continuous blogroll of posts is queried, sorted and displayed on the homepage.

Built for Advertising

The website features the Ad Rotate plugin, providing a robust yet user-friendly ad management system.

Custom designed post styles for blogs and articles for a trendy travel website by Push10.

It’s All About Results

Push10 focused heavily on planning, discovery, and strategy to establish an appropriate design theme for a specific target audience. As a new online magazine, it was vital to present Trazee Travel as sophisticated, professional and reputable – all key factors in earning trust.

In addition to creating a wide variety of page templates to display the various types of content on the site, ample time was spent developing the backend to ensure the client could easily add content and manage advertisements on a daily basis.

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Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Design Director, Push10, philadelphia branding agency, philadelphia design agency

“We created a vibrant color palette and clean layout to give the site a modern feel, thus appealing to the young target market.”

Sabrina Pfautz, Web Designer, Push10

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