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A Year Worth Sharing

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports teachers as the primary leaders of educational improvement through fellowship programs that build community, facilitate collaboration, and invite innovation. After years of distributing their annual report in printed or pdf format, KTSF approached Push10 to create a long-scroll microsite for their 2016 year-end summary.

Success Stories

The long-scroll report incorporates high-quality imagery, bold typographic effects, and subtle imagery while highlighting KSTF's success in building a national network of teacher-leaders. Recent stories showcasing fellows who are making an impact are the highlight of the experience.

Intro Graphics

A graphically rich, subtly animated banner draws readers into the site

Citations & References

Tooltip-based citations are used throughout the site to allow readers to decode technical terminology

Engaging Data

Animated data and infographic-driven layouts help break up long-form content sections

Fellows Stories

Senior Fellow and New Cohort stories make up the bulk of the interactive content

Financial Downloads

Financial downloads are indicated with recognizable iconography

Integrated Donations

An on-site donate form compels users to immediate action

A Remarkable Microsite for a Remarkable Year

Push10 delivered a stunning microsite built on a reusable framework that will allow KSTF to easily communicate year-end information with donors and partners into the future.

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“The KSTF microsite displays a mountain of data and information in a well-planned, engaging format. I’m proud of our team’s efforts and look forward to carrying this momentum into future collaborations.”

Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Creative Director

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