November 29, 2022

Three Questions Every Donation Web Page Should Answer


Maura Fitzpatrick


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Happy Giving Tuesday! Chances are, your organization’s donation web page is getting the highest amount of traffic all year today. 

But is it converting your visitors into real donations? In this article, we are sharing the three questions every donation web page should answer to win over the hearts and wallets of donors.

Team creating organization’s plan of action


1. What is your organization’s vision? 

Donors are not sold on an impact statistic, a write-up in some fancy newspaper, nor the prestige of your staff. What donors ultimately buy into is a vision. In other words, a declaration of the type of world your organization is building toward.

What will the world look like when your organization accomplishes its mission? Is that a world your donors would love to live in? You know the answer is “yes” when you see donations come rolling in.

Here are some great examples of organizations who lead with a vision:

Charity:water | “Help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.”

Planned Parenthood Action Fund | “We’ll never back down. We’ll fight every single day to make sure we can control our own bodies and build our own futures.”

Southern Poverty Law Center | “Will you make a gift to help the SPLC fight for justice and equity in courts and combat white supremacy?”


2. What is your organization’s plan of action?

Now that you have sold your donors on a vision, it’s time to back that up with a simple plan of action. What are the steps your organization is taking to accomplish this vision? Are they easy to understand? Can your donors see the immediate benefits of these actions?

For example, The Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin (a Push10 client), envisions a world where all premature babies get the nutrients they need to not only survive, but thrive. So, how do they plan to do that?

    1. MMBA collects breast milk donations from more than 50 donation centers across the United States.
    2. They distribute the breast milk to NICUs and eligible families by request.
    3. They offer community-based breastfeeding support groups as a means to continue care beyond receiving breast milk donations.

While your organization’s strategic plan is probably much more complex than that, donors only need (and want) to know the simple plan. Kapeesh?


Milk Bank Austin Web Design Strategy Mobile


3. What is your organization’s track record of success?

Finally, how does your organization prove that work you’re doing has real impact? There isn’t much of a point to a compelling vision and a clever action plan if you don’t know how to articulate your impact. You can do this both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitative success is reflected by your impact statistics. How many people’s standard of living improved because of your work? In what ways?

Qualitative success is reflected in the stories and testimonials of your service users. Whom did you help? What do they say about using your organization’s services? How do they feel today after benefiting from your programs?

The Virtua Health (another Push10 client) donation page is a great example of showing both the quantitative and qualitative impact of their services:

Virtua Health Donor Impact Stats

Donors are won by the big picture.

In summary, donors don’t want to work too hard to understand what your organization does, how you do it, and how successful you’ve been. In reality, donors want to know “Do I believe in their vision? Do I agree with their plan of action? And do I trust their track record?” If they can easily answer “yes” to all three questions– you got yourself a committed donor!



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