November 13, 2020

Ria Aguirre joins our Zoom colony!

Push10 Design Intern Ria Aguirre

We’re so pleased to welcome Ria Aguirre to Push10 as our newest design intern.

Hailing from sunny California, Ria has seamlessly stepped into our team unit with some equally sunny energy. A graduate of San Jose State University, with a B.A. in Industrial Design & Business, she has several years of experience in Digital Marketing and UI design.

Through her internship, Ria will apply her Bay Area sensibilities with finely honed creative chops to assist Push10’s design team in a variety of undertakings. She’ll further continue to exercise her skills and learn Push10’s project processes, while receiving mentorship from staff peers and department heads.

Ria’s daily hobbies involve kitchen adventures and absorbing inspiring content through podcasts, books and the bottomless catalog of Netflix. We’re also hoping that her addiction to home cooking will lead to her sharing some winning recipes over Slack.

Great to have you, Ria. See you on Zoom!