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Custom website for Stonyfield Yogurt on Desktop and Mobile Responsive Design

Quick Overview

The Background

Stonyfield Organic, a certified B Corporation, stands out as a prominent producer of organic yogurt within the country. Their conviction lies in the idea that by supporting organic farmers, their cattle, and their lifelong efforts, they can contribute to the creation of nourishing food, thriving enterprises, and a sustainable planet. We partnered together to seamlessly incorporate the family-friendly elements of their previous visual identity into a new contemporary design framework.

The Ask.

Stonyfield is a trusted family focused brand with a rich history of organic practices. But their website was feeling outdated, and failing to connect users to the product.

The Answer.

A fresh web experience, rooted in a strategic evaluation of what makes Stonyfield unique. We took the family friendly elements of the old visual identity, and adapted them to fit into a more modern design system.

Survey Says

Stonyfield operates in a crowded market, competing against both other brands, and the consumer perception that all yogurt is created equal. Our research identified an opportunity for Stonyfield to move outside the “health halo’” and build a content strategy that connected their product, their values and their consumers.

A New Direction

Stonyfield’s visual identity needed to mature a little to better connect with their target audience. But at its core, the brand is still a family friendly one. We took subtle steps, like developing new icon styles, adding updated graphic elements, and evolving the color palette to help the web experience feel more modern

Key Conversion Points

Stonyfield’s brand story is a compelling one — they started making yogurt after starting an organic dairy farm. We felt it was important that the story come through not just on “About Us” or “Our History” pages, but across the whole site. We prioritized product and recipe detail pages, which serve as high traffic conversion points. By enhancing their design and increasing the brand-building opportunities on those pages, we were better able to make the brand stand out.

The research and strategy that we did with Stonyfield was some of my favorite that I’ve ever done — and it resulted in a design that feels like a real expression of a brand with a great story to tell.
Chandler Robertson, Strategist, Push10

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