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Tenet Leadership is focused on improving student outcomes through enhancing the effectiveness of leaders in education. Our team was thrilled to play a role in realizing Tenet’s vision and embraced the challenge of naming and branding this standout educational program.

A Bright Future

Following the brand strategy and establishing new brand name, we embarked on the design of a new logo. Following the theme of scholastics and study, the logo design takes a traditional serif-based typography approach. To add a memorable element to the elegant mark, one of the uppermost serifs of the capital ‘T’ was shaped to symbolize a north star. Just as the north star is known as a guiding light in navigation or astronomy, Tenet will be known for providing school administrators with a clear path forward to advancing student achievement.

Custom Logo Design for Education by Push10

A Responsive Logo Design

Anticipating a wide range of needs and uses, we designed alternate versions of the primary logo mark to adapt to a variety of situations that included books, study guides and web applications.

Push10 Testimonial

Working with an accelerated timeline, production was notably smooth for this project. We’re truly proud of the end result and loved being a part of Tenet’s mission.

Caroline Noebels, Designer, Push10

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