Quantum Learning

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Quantum delivers research-based pharmaceutical sales training proven to move the needle in highly competitive markets. When they approached Push10 for a new website, they were looking for an improved visual design that could stand alongside their brand and mission, to help clients attain measurable results, change the status quo, and grow their business.

Quantum Learning Inc Website Design Wireframes Prototype

Simplifying the Architecture

We restructured the site architecture for sales leaders and trainers to better understand where they are, and where they need to go. Leading with large typography, and a prominent hero video to clearly communicate what behavior change means for their clients and how to achieve it.

Quantum Learning Visual Design Icon Style by Push10

A Beautiful Look and Feel

Our goal was to create a design that felt bold enough to draw the eye, but simple enough to retain a self-assured sense of calmness. Our visual brief concept picked up some of the most recognizable existing brand elements and turned them into a new approach that felt like a breath of fresh air – modern, elegant, and balanced – incorporating bright colors and gradients.

Our North Star

We wanted to tell the Quantum story in the way it deserved. We dedicated the North Star page to the brand anthem “Simplify Change”, sharing their vision, passion, and commitment to their audience, through a compelling design and scroll animation to keep it fun.

Deep Expertise

Quantum was looking for an easy-to-use content management system to showcase their deep expertise. They used impactful case studies to demonstrate their success within the primary care, oncology, and MSL fields. The team was able to craft and share industry insights and thought leadership within news, research, and perspectives.