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Making A Claim 4Paws and Pets

At an APPA estimated expenditure of over $69 billion for 2017, Pet owners are some of the most passionate consumers in today's commerce landscape, sparing no expense to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. 4Paws, a branch of NSM Insurance, offers policies to keep pet healthcare accessible and affordable.

Designed With Pet Owners In Mind

Since pet insurance is still a relatively new arena, we knew we needed to communicate in a way that pet owners would understand and connect with. To help simplify the complex world of insurance, we designed health-related icons to illustrate the variety of services available within each policy.

Graphic icons of a clipboard, broken bone, xray, and health symbol

Accessible Anywhere

For On-The-Go Owners

Because one-third of all U.S pet owners are Millenials, the new site needed an easy and engaging user experience, especially on mobile devices. Long-scroll pages with bold calls to action and responsive stackable blocks of content make the journey from initial research to getting a quote a walk in the park.

Paws 4Paws

Animated trails of paw prints give the site a playful feel while driving user engagement further down the page.

Paws v. Claws

For easy navigation, we created two conversion paths based on whether users have dogs or cats.

Tips for Pet Owners

A blog filled with informational content on how to be a great pet owner turned the website into a well-rounded one stop shop of pet knowledge.

Pet Website Design

Insuring Your Pet Is

A Walk In The Park

Our goal was to help 4paws educate pet owners on the benefits of pet insurance in a way that established a high level of confidence and understanding. The result was a playful, approachable website that turned the otherwise-intimidating subject of insurance into a digital experience both endearing and trustworthy – just like the furry friends we love.

Dog and Pet Website for NSM 4Paws Insurance Visit Site
Greg Henry, President, Push10

As many of us are pet owners, the opportunity to build such a fantastic site for such a great cause was especially rewarding!

Greg Henry, President, Push10

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