Micro Insurance Website Design

Demystifing Insurance with a Straightforward Website

For many people around the world, insurance is not only unavailable, it is a mystery. To help address this global issue, Push10 crafted a website for MiCRO that showcases their innovative natural catastrophe microinsurance solutions in a simplified, easy to understand manner.



Connecting Cultures With Animated Illustrations

In order to relay MiCRO's purpose, we created illustrations to communicate key concepts that wouldn't easily translate to photographs. By incorporating this artwork into the site with subtle rollover animations, we added another layer of cross-cultural storytelling to the user experience.

Simplifying The MiCRO Approach with Custom Iconography

To add visual weight and draw attention to various sections of the website, Push10 developed branded icons that are used throughout the site. On the “Our Approach” page, these images come together to better explain the microinsurance process.

Topographic Map and Icon Infographics for Philadelphia Non-profit Insurance Company
Vector Icon Artwork for Philadelphia Non-profit

Custom Icon Illustration for Insurance Company by Push10 Design Studios

Illustration for Philadelphia Micro Insurance Non-profit

Multiple Languages

The blue tabs on the right of the homepage allow the user to toggle between Spanish and English.

A Captivating Intro

A vivid market photograph fills the page for an immersive, long-scroll experience.

Animated Illustrations

On rollover, these custom illustrations come to life to help tell the MiCRO story.

Responsive website interface design for Philadelphia insurance company

One Website, Accessible to All

Push10 worked with the MiCRO team to plan, design, and build a responsive user interface that simplifies the complex world of microinsurance for a wide range of audiences.

Responsive WordPress Website for Philly Insurance Firm Visit Site
Graphic Design Testimonial for Push10 Philadelphia Branding Agency

“Overall, we are really satisfied with the look and the direction [of the site]. The style of the illustrations is near perfect – an excellent translation of my comments to you.”

James Kurz, MiCRO Strategy & Operations

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