Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Website

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

As one of the highest ranked hospitals in Philadelphia, Magee Rehabilitation had outgrown their old bloated website. With hundreds of pages of unorganized content, the site was in need of a comprehensive content audit and facelift.

Push10 began the project by reviewing and analyzing Magee's existing analytics to determine an optimal strategy in terms of architecture, content, design, and functionality.

Reaching New Heights

Once we defined the desired user experience, our team shifted focus to the interface design. To help guide site visitors, we restructured the menus, developed straightforward search functionality, and organized previously scattered content into long-scroll storytelling pages. Push10 also designed a set of custom icons to aid in navigation and communicate a warm personal touch.

Comprehensive Navigation

To make site content easy to access, Push10 created mega menus complete with custom iconography.

Quick Links

Our team created a flexible section of key links to help direct users with specific needs.

Branded Infographics

Magee has received numerous awards and accolades which we featured prominently throughout the site using typography-driven infographics.

Magee Rehab Hospital User Interface Design

Believe in Magee

In re-designing Magee's website, one of our main goals was to create a consistent user experience across a wide variety of devices. The site architecture played a key role in the planning and implementation of the new responsive interface. The newly restructured website better serves potential patients, caregivers and hospital professionals alike.

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Developing Magee's website was a challenging, yet rewarding experience. I'm looking forward to our on-going partnership as we work to expand the site over time.

Daniel Faria, Web Developer, Push10

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