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Disrupting Poverty With Evidence

Responsive web design for IPA

Quick Overview

The Background

There is still not enough evidence on what actually improves the lives of people living in poverty. The evidence that does exist is not always used to inform programs and policies, leading to wasted money and enduring poverty. Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) exists to solve these problems. With an extensive network of local country offices, IPA is the only independent nonprofit that creates and shares comprehensive rigorous evidence for public good. With a fresh new strategic plan, IPA engaged Push10 to construct a brand platform aimed at captivating and motivating a broader audience of researchers, policymakers, and donors to unite in the battle against poverty.

Aligning the brand with the new strategic plan

We helped develop new messaging and visuals that reflect IPA’s focus as outlined in the organization’s ambitious strategic plan.

Ensuring consistent global application

We created an accessible, easy to apply brand with clear guidelines that can be used in country offices and sector programs throughout the world.

Building an accessible new digital home

In IPA’s highly academic space, comparable organizations tend to overwhelm website visitors with dry long-form text and clunky (at best) user interface decisions. We reimagined the IPA website from the ground up with a robust navigation system and modern video & storytelling best practices.


Improving Lives Shouldn’t Be a Guessing Game

We began our work by reviewing the data. We gathered stakeholder insights, analyzed the competitive landscape, defined key target audiences, and conducted a series of collaborative exercises to lay the foundation for future brand development.

What sets IPA apart?

While IPA’s vision of a world with more evidence and less poverty was crystal clear, the brand lacked a distinct personality. We carefully reviewed comparable organizations to identify the defining traits that could set IPA apart.

Putting Our Words to Work

From the beginning, we asked ourselves how we could make IPA’s purpose easier to understand. Together we crafted a simplified mission statement, unique values, and a clear brand story. All messaging was thoroughly vetted by trusted global stakeholders and carefully edited to avoid academic jargon.


A Visual Brand That Takes Action

Through a series of moodboards, we collaborated with the IPA team to identify a new visual style that felt both rigorous and actionable, yet approachable.

Creating New Connections

The former IPA logo was outdated and occasionally illegible, indistinguishable from competitive marks, and appeared to focus exclusively on Africa (which was misleading). In the new logo, we deconstructed a serif typeface, then isolated the ball terminals to create a connected line. While the mark obviously alludes to data and connection, it can also be interpreted as a strong “through line” showcasing IPA’s ability to create strong evidence, share evidence strategically, and ultimately equip decision makers to use that evidence.



Acta Display is an elegant, modern serif
that’s striking and memorable for headlines.

Larsseit provides optimal legibility
and consistency for body copy across the brand.

Bringing it All Together

When used together, the new IPA brand styles form a bold and cohesive visual style that graphically unites communications. Lastly, we created a detailed style guide, allowing global team members to faithfully uphold the new brand standards.

Totebag and business card design for IPA

A New Digital Design

Turning our attention to their website, we took inventory of existing content and technical features and then planned and designed a robust new user interface. We crafted clear user journeys for a range of audiences, including researchers searching for funding for specific projects, policymakers seeking to inform their work, and donors tracking down impact stories.

A Powerful Publishing Tool

A deep publishing arm is key to ensuring that IPA’s evidence is making the most impact on lives around the world. We built archives of studies, publications, news, events, and more that can be dynamically featured throughout the site using a system of tags.

News and research grid design and development for IPA

Strategic Landing Pages

We created landing pages for each country and sector that organize IPA’s key findings and research highlights, alongside key contacts and relevant news.

Custom Interactive Map

To show impact around the world, we built a custom interactive map that displays IPA’s country offices and the organization’s work in specific regions and sectors. The map data and design is easy to manage long-term using Mapbox and the backend of Drupal.

Robust Mega Menus

To ensure that content is easy to find for IPA’s various audiences, we created custom mega menus. The menus use images and a clear system of labels to guide the visitor’s eye to key pieces of information.


Modern Motion

On the homepage, content for key audience groups is displayed via a circle-based infographic. This type of lightweight scroll animation is used throughout the site to add interest and highlight key information.

Creating a contemporary brand and website for Innovations for Poverty Action was an exciting challenge, and I’m proud of the strong communication and collaborative mindset that our team maintained along the way.
Jess Smith, Lead Project Manager

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