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For more than 50 years, Amberton University has maintained a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality education to adult learners. As a trailblazer in serving this growing sector of higher education, the university acknowledged the necessity of modernizing their website, which had fallen behind despite their innovative approach.

Amberton University Website User Testing

Make it Crystal Clear

We conducted user tests, internal workshops and a landscape analysis to better understand the sea of universities that serve adult learners. As we got to know the audience, it became clear that many potential adult learners don’t believe they have the time to pursue higher education. A need for clarity emerged, especially around what degree programs were available and how much time investment they require.

Bring the Best to the Surface

The sitemap of the existing Amberton website was placing too much emphasis on current students. Our research showed they were turning to their internal student portal for information rather than the marketing site. We reprioritized information to focus on prospective students, with a special focus on the four things that would make their decision easier — program information, key facts about the university, tuition & aid resources, and how to apply.

Amberton University Website Design Wireframes

Make it Attainable

With a new sitemap in place, we turned to the content hierarchy and revised the strategy to support the audience’s journey. We drastically simplified the degree programs pages, pulling key information out of large tables and lengthy paragraphs into summary formats that made comparing degree options easy. This shift reinforced our core message that this type of education is attainable for working adults.

A New Visual Direction

With a sound content strategy in place, we began devising a visual style that would maintain simplicity while introducing a deeper, more dynamic feeling to the site. We took inspiration from the student-focused photography and introduced new ways to treat photos that added depth while keeping the students front and center.

Validating the Value Proposition

Testimonial videos about the Amberton experience provide validation and greatly increase the storytelling on the page.

Making the Options Clear

We clarified the focus of Amberton’s degree programs, both on page and in the navigation.

Taking the Next Step

We used multiple CTA styles throughout the site, but always kept a clear route for prospectives students to reach out.

Amberton University Responsive Website Design
Push10 Testimonial

I’ve worked with many teams in the digital space, from web development to design to performance marketing. Partnering with Push10 to redesign our website was the best experience I’ve had. Can’t thank them enough for their professionalism, open lines of communication and quality work. A+ stuff!

Adam Garret, Senior Director, Creative Design & Marketing