Anything worth doing
is worth doing right.

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Your mission is our purpose.

At Push10, our strategists, web designers, writers, managers, and web developers all thrive on the open exchange of creative ideas. Whether we’re working with a nonprofit, foundation, or higher-ed institution, we are one team. We all join in, share insights, get bold, get uncomfortable, lead, take responsibility, and celebrate success with our clients. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. So while we hope that you fall in love with our culture and sense of humor, don’t mistake our casual clothes with casual standards. We are going to push you. We are going to challenge you. We are going to make you better and enable you to make the world a better place.

Greg Henry, President & CEO, Push10
Thinks plain pizza and vanilla ice cream are perfection.
Greg Henry
Founder & CEO
Sabrina Pfautz, Creative Director and Partner, Push10
Personally drove the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway.
Sabrina Pfautz
Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Toured as a flamenco guitarist in his late teens.
Ken Beasley
Senior Director of Client Success
Last name means ‘Three Wives’ in Italian.
Chris Tremoglie
Lead Developer
Jess Cemelli Smith, Push10 Project Manager
Has a 2 story waterfall in her backyard.
Jessica Cemelli Smith
Delivery Manager
Evan Koteles Project Manager Headshot
I’m half Canadian, I have a red Doberman named Yassic (Yaw-sic), and I’m a musician.
Evan Koteles
Project Manager
Ashely Matos Project Manager Push10 Headshot
I did a six month cross-country roadtrip in 2021. Genuinely shocked I made it through that.
Ashley Matos
Project Manager
Listens to Spotify with ads because it sounds like the radio 
Chandler Robertson
Maura Fitzpatrick Push10 Strategist
Falls asleep to true crime podcasts
Maura Fitzpatrick
A self-proclaimed Lord of the Rings nerd.
Jeff Ciocci
Senior Designer
Tyler Shea, Push10 Graphic Designer
Aspiring plant lady.
Tyler Shea
Senior Designer
Chloe Richter
Perfected the art of making guacamole.
Chloe Richter
Junior Designer
Blueberry muffins are the only muffins.
Joshua Henderson
Senior Web Developer
Sean Lyons, Web Developer, Push10
Knows how to drive a manual transmission. Kinda.
Sean Lyons
Web Developer
Lisa Lloyd Account Manager at Push10
Owns more than 100 salt and pepper shakers.
Lisa Lloyd
Account Manager
Is terrified of beans. Really.
Katie Bowe
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Once confused a rolling suitcase with another dog.
Kody Bear
Office Mascot & Guard Dog
Push10 Testimonial
Everybody here is very impressed by and pleased with the new website. It makes great use of our best assets—our photos and our stories.
Emily Groff | Lehigh University Office of International Affairs
Developer coding WordPress website in Philadelphia
Push10 team laughing at party
Close up of Push10 agency office dog
Designer and developer discussing WordPress website in Philadelphia