April 21, 2017

To These Sustainable Brands, Every Day Is Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! While web design is naturally green, these eco-friendly brands have found ways to print, manufacture, and market sustainably! The best part? They’re showing others how easy it is to save the earth too.

Eat. Recycle. Love.

As a lead supplier of fresh organic produce and products, Organicgirl knows their job is not done once their products leave the shelves. That’s why they also do their part to encourage their consumers to recycle empty salad bags and shipping packaging from their online store through their r³ program.

Local nonprofit Philabundance is on a mission to fight hunger and promote healthy living. Among their many channels of feeding hungry families, are two awesome food recycling initiatives. The first, “gleaning“, is defined as harvesting excess fresh produce from farms. Last year, Philabundance “gleaners” and farm partners harvested more than 220,000 pounds of fresh produce! The second way Philabundance supports the health of the environment and our community is through Grocers Against Hunger, which rescues edible produce deemed “unfit” to sell in grocery stores that would otherwise be thrown out and delivers it to hungry families.

eco-friendly Philadelphia nonprofit Philabundance

Similarly, non-profit Carversville Farm Foundation is finding green ways to help provide nutrition to those in need and support the agricultural community. CFF produces fresh sustainable food specifically for donation to those who lack access to a balanced diet and nurtures organic farms through cooperative purchasing and other programs. Utilizing advanced sustainable farming methods, the farm works to provide these services while simultaneously regenerating the agro-ecosystem.

Sustainable Hydration for a Healthy Nation

The quest to find a solution for clean and convenient water has been one that has been reinvented since the first bottled water was commercially disturbed back in 1767.  Breakthroughs like polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET), water filters, and reusable water bottles such as Brita and Nalgene, served as temporarily solutions that turned out to have long-term health and environmental risks. Recent studies have uncovered the downsides of our bottled beverage consumption craze — improper use of discarded filters and harmful chemicals, such as BPA, found in plastics used for reusable bottles.

Luckily, we’ve seen a few brands take on the challenge of finding a clean water solution that is both eco-friendly AND health conscious.

eco-friendly brands conserving water Soma water ad

Soma found a way to stand out against other water filter brands by creating a sleek, modern design that promotes sustainability as well as philanthropy. The water filters, pitchers, and bottles are made with 60% plant-based and renewable materials such as bamboo, coconuts, and cane sugar. If that’s not enough of a reason to make the switch, Soma teamed up with charity: water in their global efforts to provide clean drinking water, making a donation to their charity with every Soma Bottle purchase.

Quench is on a mission to tackle one of the largest contributors to water-related waste — commercial users. They create water dispensers, ice coolers and even coffee makers that help make workplaces, restaurants, gyms and any other commercial consumers convert to a cheaper, more sustainable option. How much more green?? Well, replacing just one traditional 5-gallon jug cooler is the greenhouse gas equivalent of planting up to 120 trees each year (and even saves you money)! Learn more here.

push love earth day sustainable brands

Through the use of the age-old practice – reduce, reuse, and recycle – these companies are finding ways to live greener lifestyles and run businesses more sustainably. They are proof that living sustainably doesn’t mean compromising quality, functionality, or convenience. This Earth Day we urge you all to push conservation, push mindfulness, and as always, #PushLove.