July 17, 2019

Meet Liz Starosta: Our Newest Project Manager

Liz Starosta, Digital Project Manager at Push10

We’re excited to welcome Push10’s newest Project Manager, Liz Starosta, and hear her approach on building long lasting client relationships.
Liz brings a wealth of experience to our team, having held positions as both a designer and project manager, Liz is well-equipped to educate and guide clients through our strategic creative process.

Earlier in your career, you transitioned from a Web Designer to Project Manager. Was this a natural progression? Or did you find yourself more interested in project management?
I graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in graphic design and began my career as a designer in the event planning space. I quickly realized that my job was causing me a lot of unwanted stress so I transitioned to the account side of things, splitting my time between design and managing the project. I realized I was more interested and better suited to handle the day-to-day client communication and project logistics.

How does your deep understanding of design benefit you as a Project Manager?
Part of the challenge that comes with working in the creative field is deciphering exactly what our clients are looking for. Many of them do not have a design background, so, they rely on our expertise to guide them through the process. Having a background in design certainly makes life easier for not only myself, but for our clients, too.

In your opinion, what traits must Project Managers have to make them successful?
It may sound overly simplistic but being able to effectively listen to our clients’ needs and then take their rough ideas and turn them into tangible concepts with workable solutions is where I thrive. It’s all about uncovering the why as opposed to just taking orders. And of course, patience is key.

How do you stay organized?
I’m very old school and I like writing things down. The eco-conscious side of me gets upset that I’m using a lot of paper but it’s just so much easier in my opinion.

What do you do outside of work?
I love all games, especially board games. I’m also a big charades fan. I’m in the midst of renovating my home in the Fox Chase section of Philly and in my downtime I like to hang out with my cats: Ranny + Toothless. Yes… he has teeth but, he’s all black and reminded me of the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon.

Why did you seek out Push10?
I began my career at a marketing agency which was great, yet, I still found myself wanting to work at more of a design-oriented agency and Push10 is one of the best in Philadelphia!

High Five, Liz! We’re excited to have you on our team!