March 7, 2017

International Women’s Day: Creating New Standards

Women's day Push Love Design

At Push10, half of our team is made up of women — and we’re damn proud of that. Our “Ladies of Push10” are rockstar developers, designers, marketers, organizers, and leaders. In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to shed light on women challenging the male-dominated industry of digital marketing.

Our designers were thoroughly inspired by the fun new book “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls”, and the stories of the fierce women who broke new ground and smashed barriers in order to accomplish what they’d previously been told was impossible.

These amazing women included Brenda Chapman, Oscar-winner, and one of the few female animators at Disney Studios. Brenda is responsible for bringing the film “Brave” to the screen, which introduced the world to a female lead character that directly opposed the age-old image of the helpless princess in need of rescuing.

We also loved learning about Margaret Hamilton, a Computer Scientist who joined NASA when she was just 24 years old. Margaret programmed the code that allowed the Apollo 11 spacecraft to land safely on the Moon!

Margaret Hamilton, Computer Scientist

And we KNOW you know who Yoko Ono is. As a child, Yoko survived the bombing of her home in Tokyo and immigrated to the U.S. where she would grow up to find her voice in the art world. Though noted for her marriage to and collaboration with musician John Lennon, Yoko is known far and wide for her own provocative and peace-driven works.

Yoko Ono, Artist and Creator

It’s with that same spirit of empowerment that our team continues to champion the expanding female workforce in tech & design. This past year, Sabrina Pfautz, creative director and partner of Push10 and one of our talented designers Emily Schilling helped start the Philadelphia branch of Ladies That UX. LTUX is an open community of women who are dedicated to helping women advance their knowledge, skills, and careers in user experience and other related fields.

Ladies that UX was first started in 2013 by Lizzie Dyson and Georgie Bottomless. After working in the UX field, the two noticed that across the industry there was a real lack of women. They set up Ladies that UX to create a space for women from all levels to engage and talk about their experiences.

“The Philadelphia Chapter started a little less than a year ago. Sabrina and I attended the first meeting and became part of the group’s core members. Once a month, we have a strategy meeting where we discuss different activities, events, workshops, and charities we can incorporate into our lives to further develop ourselves in our design careers. It’s a great group to be a part of — everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Ladies that UX Philly is more than just a meet up of designers, it’s a gathering of friends.”
– Emily Schilling

The organization has branches in hundreds of cities around the world, with new affiliates popping up all the time. Each month, groups meet to create, discuss and share ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, and if you want help with a particular UX challenge, you’ll find plenty of willing problem-solvers.

Ladies That UX is far from the only organization of its kind. There are tons of professional groups to get involved in such as Girl Develop It,  Ladies, Wine & Design and Women Who Code. Find local meet ups for your industry and interests and get involved!!

We salute all women across the world, designers, and non-designers, who work every day to Push Boundaries, Push Collaboration, and #PushLove!