July 20, 2023

Exploring Nashville’s Vibrant Spirit

Push10 Team Walking in Nashville for the branding agency retreat

Given the popularity of remote work, companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of nurturing a strong spirit of teamwork, collaboration, and revitalization among their employees. And what better method to accomplish this than by orchestrating an unforgettable company retreat?There’s no place that embodies the ideal fusion of culture, entertainment, and inspiration quite like Nashville. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary experiences and enduring memories we crafted during our recent retreat to the heart of Music City.

While remote collaboration boasts its advantages, it cannot wholly supplant the value of personal connections. Hence, our Push10 team united for a two-day retreat in the lively city of Nashville, Tennessee, to cherish some invaluable face-to-face moments.


Cars driving down Broadway in Nashville, TN

Day One

The Push10 team assembled from various parts of the country, finding their temporary abode for the next two days at The Dream Hotel, a charming boutique hotel nestled in the vibrant heart of Music Row.

To kick off our agency retreat, we embarked on our first team activity, which took place at Acme Feed and Seed—a renowned three-story bar known for its lively ambiance, live music, tantalizing shots of tequila, and delectable Nashville-style fried cuisine. For some team members, this gathering marked the first time they had met face-to-face since joining Push10. As we indulged in drinks, savored mouthwatering dishes, and reveled in the much-needed sense of camaraderie, our bonds grew stronger.


Push10 Branding Agency Retreat Project Management Team Photo

Day Two

The next day, our team gathered in the Hickory Quarters at The Dream Hotel, which provided the perfect modern ambiance and relaxed atmosphere for a photo shoot during our working sessions.

To kick off our meeting, President and Founding Partner Greg Henry provided an overview of key agency metrics for the past year. As a new way to recognize employees who are living out our agency values, Partner and Chief Creative Officer Sabrina Pfautz presented awards to several staff members:

Achieve a Higher Standard:
Tyler Shea, Designer

Put Strategy First:
Chris Tremoglie, Lead Web Developer

Keep it Simple:
Jess Cemelli Smith, Lead Project Manager

Be Resourceful:
Sean Lyons, Web Developer

Create for People:
Chloe Richter, Junior Designer & Project Manager

Each department formed breakout groups to share accomplishments from the past year and address pain points in each department.


Push10 Branding Agency Retreat Design Team Photo

At Push10, we understand the importance of striking a balance between hard work and having fun.

In the lively city of Nashville, the options for entertainment are endless. During our retreat, our teams were presented with an array of afternoon activities to choose from: a captivating Historical Food Tour, an adventurous Kayak Scavenger Hunt, or a delightful Old Fashioned Making Class. These options provided yet another opportunity for our team members to forge meaningful connections while enjoying themselves.


Push10 Branding Agency Retreat Team Photo

As the grand finale of our retreat, we indulged in a delectable dinner at Adele’s—a true culinary gem situated in the vibrant food scene of Nashville’s Gulch. There is something truly special about sharing a meal together, and Adele’s provided the perfect intimate setting with our very own semi-private dining room, allowing us to savor the moment while forging lasting memories.


Push10 Branding Agency Retreat Team Dinner

Looking Ahead

As our retreat weekend came to a close, it offered us a valuable chance to contemplate the past year while eagerly anticipating the future. At the core of our agency’s success lies our exceptional team, and when we can dedicate quality time to connect, sharing common interests and acknowledging each other’s individual talents, our culture strengthens.

Departing from Nashville, we carried with us a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration, ready to approach each day with enthusiasm and deliver our utmost for both our colleagues and clients. We’re already looking forward to our next retreat, currently slated for June, 2024 – follow-us on Instagram for more updates.


Push10 Branding Agency Retreat Team Photo