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FKB raises the bar for architectural & experiential design and is known for delivering unique ideas without limitations. We designed and developed an inventive new logo and brand identity to capture the essence of FKB’s bold imagination.

Anything Is Possible

At FKB, anything is possible. The brand is literally as big as the viewer’s imagination – which means that there is an inherent air of novelty and mystery surrounding the firm. To capture that spirit, Push10 created a mark that is ever-evolving. It can be expanded to describe a specific portfolio piece, utilized to frame images of the firm’s work, or shifted to make curious (and memorable) statements.

Bringing Concepts to Life

Inspired by the various physical materials FKB works with, our team worked with a rendering artist to create both 2D and 3D patterns to compliment the brand and introduce a textural element into the brand language.

Abstract Iconography

By simplifying shapes that represent the departments of FKB, Push10 designed a series of custom icons that are utilized throughout the brand in bold, unexpected ways. The icons can be used as solid objects, or become a clipping masks for imagery, pattern or textures.

Push10 Testimonial

Working with FKB was a great opportunity to think bigger and experiment with exciting new mediums.

Caroline Noebels, Designer, Push10

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