Done Once, Done Right.

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For over 100 years, the Conti name has been synonymous with high quality work on high stakes construction projects of all kinds. Despite a history stretching back to 1906, The Conti Group had never focused on marketing or branding. As the firm looked to expand, the leadership team approached Push10 to build a clear brand strategy for the Conti Federal line of business that lives up to the firm’s beloved “done once, done right” tagline.

Insight from Push10's Conti Federal research deck

Building a Strong Foundation

The Push10 team audited the existing Conti Federal website and marketing assets, and then conducted a series of goal-setting workshops to build a baseline understanding of the firm’s strengths. 

Conti Federal Government/Military audience persona shown on two iPhones

Putting People First

After interviewing key partners, clients, and subcontractors, the Push10 team created detailed user personas to keep the target audience’s needs top of mind throughout our work.

Insights overview slide from Push10's Conti Federal research deck

Drafting a Strategy

Among other insights, our research showed that Conti Federal has a strong reputation for clear communication & collaboration, approaching challenges with care, and agility & proactivity. With these findings in hand, we set out to build a brand that highlighted these key attributes.  

A Brand That Has Your Back

When a mission is deemed critical, small missteps can lead to big consequences. We crafted a brand story, strong value statements, and messaging for each target audience group that positions the firm as an expert in high-stakes construction, engineering, and project management.

Built on Trust

To help the firm stand apart as trustworthy in a crowded marketplace, we refined the brand color palette and established a complimentary visual identity system consisting of bold imagery, iconography, and graphic elements.

A Website That Works

On the website, we crafted clear pathways for each of our audience personas to find the content they need most. The site features multiple tools and systems to capture visitor’s information as they learn more about the company.

Deep Experience

To showcase the firm’s experience, we built a sortable project grid and robust project detail pages that allow visitors to easily find relevant case studies. 

Rooted in History

We conceptualized and designed an animated timeline that highlights key moments in the firm’s history. 

A Website Done Right.

In just six months since Conti’s website launch, their dedicated focus on marketing and branding objectives is delivering noteworthy outcomes.

Average engagement time for organic traffic increased to
2m 15s
One the main goals for the site was to ensure effective capture of SEO traffic. Not only is 45% of the site’s traffic coming from organic search, but that audience is highly engaged with the site.
Average engagement time for the Projects page increased to
1m 37s
Showing off the great work that Conti does was a core part of the content strategy for the site. The projects page is proving easy to find, to navigate, and is keeping users engaged.
Push10 Testimonial

When you’re working with a company that has such global reach and impact, every decision matters. We never lost sight of that when working on Conti Federal’s brand and website, and we hope they both set their team up for success for years to come.

Ryan Bonner, Strategist, Push10
Conti Federal homepage scroll