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When it comes to branding, we’re damn good.

At Push10, our branding strategists, designers, writers, and web developers thrive on the open exchange of creative ideas. We are one team. We all join in, share insights, get bold, get uncomfortable, lead, take responsibility, and celebrate success with our clients. Memorable brands are born from the right dose of creativity, personalization, innovation, and passion – and our assembly of experts are just that.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Greg has spent over 15 years in advertising, marketing and web design. Prior to founding Push10, Greg worked as an Art Director at various creative agencies and maintains a passion for all things design. In his current role of Agency Principal, Greg shares his expertise with the team, yet still relishes opportunities to work in the trenches.
  • Thinks plain pizza is perfection.
  • Sat next to Vanilla Ice at the food court.
  • Tripped during 5th grade graduation.
  • Misses the 80s. A lot.
Greg Henry President & Founding Partner
Sabrina is passionate about solving big problems through the application of strategic design thinking. After graduating with a top-ranked portfolio, she honed her skills at respected agencies in Philadelphia and New York. As a talented natural communicator, Sabrina now focuses on telling bold brand stories through both interactive and traditional design mediums at Push10.
  • Has a list for everything.
  • Can make a meal out of an empty pantry.
  • Almost beat Greg in arm wrestling. Almost.
  • Compulsively eats peppermint patties.
Sabrina Pfautz Partner & Creative Director
Ken serves as Push10's Director of Marketing & Business Strategy. Prior to joining Push10, Ken spearheaded marketing efforts for New York-based AREA 17, where he worked with clients such as Facebook, Billboard and The Webby Awards. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, Ken believes that clear communication, adaptability and strategic thinking are vital to success.
  • Has broken both big toes twice each.
  • Toured as a flamenco guitarist in his late teens.
  • Owns a pasta maker. May or may not use it before he dies.
  • In middle school, invented an ice-melting machine for icy sidewalks.
  • Can whistle like a bird. Really. Coworkers have been known to duck their heads.
Ken Beasley Director of Marketing & Business Strategy
Sean brings 10+ years of experience as a project manager to Push10. He’s worked with a wide range of clients over the years including Monticello, Wadsworth Atheneum, and the San Francisco Ballet. Sean’s extensive knowledge of the web design process and background in interface design leave him uniquely qualified to usher projects through the process from inception to launch.
  • Is an avid home brewer.
  • Loves all things analog.
  • Juggling enthusiast.
  • Once met Bill Murray in an NYC bar.
Sean McBrearty Project Manager
A native of sunny Brazil, Daniel designed and developed his first website as a teenager. Before long he packed his bags for Tennessee, where he earned a degree in Computer Science and Southern Charm. Determined to make the web a better, more usable place, Daniel joined forces with the Push10 team in Philly where he now focuses on developing beautiful, highly-functional websites.
  • Loves street photography.
  • Has lived in 15 different houses.
  • Sleeps with 4 stuffed penguins.
  • Has been asked to never sing aloud.
  • Proposed to his wife after they were married.
Daniel Faria Lead Web Developer
Amanda managed to escape New Jersey to pursue a degree in Web Design & Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. A quick learner, she walked away as class valedictorian with multiple portfolio awards and prestigious honors. She found a natural fit at Push10, where she works her magic creating cutting-edge, graphically-rich websites.
  • Lives with two adorable cats.
  • Is addicted to World of Warcraft.
  • Is bothered by the problem of solipsism.
  • Became a certified scuba diver at age 12.
  • Actually likes Philadelphia winters.
  • Is a fan of the Star Trek.
Amanda Gunzenhauser Web Developer
After getting sidetracked with circuit building and differential equations for several years, this self-professed old-soul corrected course and graduated from Rutgers with a degree in Information Technology and Informatics. Josh now brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the development team at Push10.
  • Read his first comic book at age 22.
  • Blueberry muffins are the only muffins.
  • Wants a pet polar bear.
  • Travel enthusiast.
  • Has an irrational fear of caterpillars.
Joshua Henderson Web Developer
Emily is a skilled strategic designer with a special affinity for solving highly technical challenges. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the Tyler School of Art where she focused on interaction design. Emily now serves as an adjunct professor at her alma mater. Her passion, critical thinking, and versatility are a huge asset at Push10, where she helps distill big ideas into compelling brand solutions.
  • Installed a foot hammock under her desk.
  • Loves pickles a lot.
  • Trips on her own feet daily.
  • Wishes she were a hippie.
  • Wore a special shoe for her crooked foot as a child.
Emily Schilling Graphic Designer
Born and raised just outside Philly, Noah graduated with a degree in music from Wesleyan University. After becoming interested in computer music and animation in college, Noah picked up web development skills and is excited to help create unique and interactive websites for Push10.
  • Can name every starter from the 2001 NBA Finals.
  • Plays four instruments.
  • Has a dog named Noodle.
  • Loves bagels. Like really loves bagels.
Noah Rush Web Developer
After graduating from Philadelphia University with a top-ranked portfolio, Caroline joined the Push10 team. In addition to her incredible print & package design chops, she’s excited to sink her teeth into some beautiful web design work. Her professional skills are matched by her awesome personality, too, so she’s a perfect fit for our work-hard, play-hard team.
  • Thinks meatloaf is the food of the Gods, and ketchup is their sweet nectar.
  • Played D2 college lacrosse.
  • May or may not microwave her ice cream.
  • Is a M. Night Shyamalan Fangirl.
Caroline Noebels Graphic Designer
Katie grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Sociology, she assumed the position as a career nomad, by rebranding her profession often. Katie’s passion for organizing and planning sparked her interest to take on the office hero role. With her infectious laugh and innocent spirit, she is the lighthearted employee every office needs.
  • Has a twin sister.
  • Believes Ketchup is its own food group.
  • Won't share chocolate, because chocolate is not for sharing.
  • Is extremely terrified of beans.
Katie Bowe Office Manager
Emily inhabits the invaluable role of Digital Marketing Coordinator at Push10. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Emily is a specialist in Paid Search, SEO, Customer Analytics, Social Media and Digital Strategy and has employed those skills to great success for clients including QVC, Johnson & Johnson and Carnival Cruises.
  • Has an Excel Spreadsheet that tracks every pizza she's ever eaten.
  • Undefeated at Scrabble & Limbo.
  • In a newly committed relationship with her Vitamix blender.
Emily Cohen Digital Marketing Coordinator
Kody is affectionately known as "Bear" around the Push10 office due to his fierce good looks and his ability to cuddle the bad mood out of just about anyone. As head of Human Resources, he keeps morale high by occasionally dragging us away from our computer screens for walks and high-energy games of fetch. Outside of the office, Kody enjoys making friends at the dog park.
  • Eats more paper than dog food.
  • Thinks he's a person.
  • Failed puppy training school.
  • Prefers to walk on the shady side.
  • Is overly needy.
Kody Bear Henry Office Mascot & Guard Dog

Brands we’ve helped build

We work with clients in a wide variety of industries in both B2B and B2C. While we specialize in higher education, legal services, healthy lifestyle and wellness, finance and wealth management, and non-profit organizations, we welcome the opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise as a brand and marketing agency into new arenas.

Each new client is approached with fresh ideas, designs, and strategies specific to both the desired digital marketing needs of the brand, as well as those dictated by the competitive environment in which they operate. Using cutting edge tools and resources, we make it our mission to transform your business into a cohesive, distinctive brand.

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A special thank you to you! You really delivered on this project with very little help or direction from me. Thank you so much for making me look good!

Greg Sullivan
TEVA Pharmaceuiticals
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Thanks for all your work bringing the awesome website design to life. I definitely appreciate everyone’s efforts at Push10!

M. Foley
Wharton CAI
testimonial icon

Hey guys I wanted to let you know that my presentation went fantastic. There was a genuine buzz in the room over the new brochure.

Pete Safran
Lincoln Financial Group