June 28, 2023

How to Know When to Update Your Visual Brand

Push10 brand designer brainstorming new logo ideas

How do you know when it’s time for a new logo? What about your visual identity as a whole? The answer isn’t always black and white.

The frequency of updating your visual brand depends on various factors, including your business goals, market trends, and the evolution of your target audience. While there is no fixed timeline, here are some key considerations to help you determine how often to update your visual brand:

Business Growth
If your business is experiencing significant growth or expanding into new markets, it may be necessary to update your visual brand to align with your new positioning and target audience.

Overall Rebranding Initiatives
If you’re undergoing a comprehensive rebranding effort, it typically involves updating your visual brand elements. This could be prompted by changes in your business direction, mergers, acquisitions, or a desire to refresh your brand’s image.

Market Relevance
Regularly evaluate your brand’s relevance in the marketplace. If your visual brand feels outdated or fails to resonate with your target audience, it might be time for an update to ensure you stay current and competitive.

Visual Trends
Keep an eye on design trends and industry best practices, but don’t get caught up in the hype. While it’s important to maintain a timeless quality in your brand, incorporating contemporary design elements can help your brand appear modern and relevant.

Technological Advancements
As technology evolves, so do the mediums through which your visual brand is presented. Consider updating your visual brand to ensure it translates well across various digital platforms, devices, and emerging technologies.

Customer Feedback
Pay attention to feedback from your customers and target audience. If they express dissatisfaction or if your brand fails to resonate with them, it may be an indication that an update is needed.

Take a Deep Dive
It’s vital to perform research to determine your existing brand equity and consider how that relates to your future goals. Perhaps a complete visual overhaul is in order. Or, perhaps a slight evolutionary tweak to your logo or color palette with do the trick. No two brands are alike and every situation is unique.

Remember, updating your visual brand is not something to be done arbitrarily. It should be a thoughtful and strategic decision that aligns with your business goals and the perception you want to create in the minds of your audience. Contact us to discover if now is the right time to refresh your visual brand.