December 19, 2023

Philanthropy Southwest: A Weekend With Our People

Push10 Branding Agency partnership table setup in Austin Texas for Philanthropy Southwest Conference in October

We recently spent a long weekend taking part in the annual Philanthropy Southwest Conference outside of Austin, TX. As an agency that specializes in strengthening brands and websites for mission-driven organizations, it was the perfect opportunity for Push10 to be in the mix of this vibrant community of do-gooders, and hear firsthand some of the issues being addressed across the Philanthropy space.

The importance of taking part in events like Philanthropy Southwest are clear, and we could easily see the parallels in several areas of our own mission as we work to serve clients that aim to improve our culture and society. The fact that this year’s conference marked 75 years of PSW facilitating this annual gathering added to the excitement of the occasion.


Push10 Branding Agency attends Philanthropy Southwest Conference in Austin Texas

Philanthropy Southwest 75th Annual Conference

1. Collaboration Through the years

Philanthropic organizations often operate in complex ecosystems where collaboration is key to addressing multifaceted social issues. PSW was the perfect venue for sharing ideas and supporting peers through familiar challenges. The organization’s milestone 75th annual conference brought together philanthropists, nonprofits, and community leaders from across the region to reflect on the past, engage with the present, and envision a future of positive change. As participants gathered for the conference, there was a palpable sense of pride in the organization’s rich history and the profound impact it has had on communities throughout the region.

2. Knowledge Exchange and Best Practices

Networking isn’t just about expanding one’s circle; it’s also a conduit for the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Philanthropic organizations can tap into the wealth of experience and expertise within their network, gaining insights into successful strategies, innovative approaches, and potential pitfalls to avoid. Forums, conferences, and collaborative projects become avenues for learning and continuous improvement, helping organizations refine their methods and adapt to the evolving challenges of the social sector.

3. Tackeling Timely Topics

While Push10 served as a sponsor for the conference, it was important for our own team members to take in the sessions and absorb the discourse designed to explore current trends, challenges, and innovative solutions in the philanthropic landscape. We had the opportunity to engage with thought leaders and industry experts in dynamic conversations around some fascinating topics including Grantmaking Strategies, Equity & Inclusion, and Rural Philanthropy, to name but a few.

Push10 Branding agency Account Manager, Lisa Lloyd attends the Philanthropy Southwest Conference in Austin Texas

Philanthropy Southwest 75th Annual Conference

4. Building a Diverse and Inclusive Network

Diversity and inclusion are not only essential values in philanthropy but also powerful drivers of innovation and effectiveness. Professional networking allows organizations to intentionally build a diverse network, bringing together individuals with varied perspectives, backgrounds, and skills. A diverse network fosters creativity, encourages different approaches to problem-solving, and ensures that solutions are more comprehensive and equitable.

5. Amplifying Advocacy and Awareness

Effective advocacy is a cornerstone of philanthropic work, and a well-connected network can amplify an organization’s voice. By establishing relationships with influencers, thought leaders, and media outlets, philanthropic organizations can enhance their visibility and raise awareness about the social issues they aim to address. Networking provides a platform to share success stories, engage in thought leadership, and mobilize support for critical causes.

In the realm of philanthropy, where impact is measured by positive change in the lives of individuals and communities, professional networking stands out as a powerful tool for achieving transformative results. By fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and resource access, philanthropic organizations can leverage the collective strength of their network to address complex social challenges. As the world becomes more interconnected, the ability to build and nurture meaningful professional relationships becomes not just an advantage but a necessity for those dedicated to creating a better, more equitable world through philanthropy.