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Quick Overview

The Background

Our client, a privately held wealth management firm with decades of experience and over $10 billion in assets under advisement, recognized their need for an updated, modern online presence. We locked arms to reimagine their web design and address the real business challenge of shifting client expectations. The future of their firm doesn’t start tomorrow; it starts right now.


We designed an impressive website to communicate a depth of experience and recognized expertise in wealth management.


We created a current, yet timeless identity, designed to appeal to a wide variety of clients spanning multiple generations.


We used limited content for maximum impact by distilling the brand identity and messaging to its most salient, captivating core.


Digital Strategy is Business Strategy

A new generation of investors is entering the arena, forcing wealth management firms to ask, how can we engage younger clients while staying relevant to our most valuable legacy clients? Addressing this challenge started with a sound and thoughtful digital strategy. By profiling each audience segment and defining where their goals overlapped, we built a sturdy foundation on which to address this business opportunity. Digital strategy, like wealth management, is an investment in the future.

Start with a Sketch

Before diving into design, we drafted low-fidelity wireframes, optimizing audience journeys and providing the necessary content strategy to satisfy users’ goals.

Then Build a Better User Experience

Trust. Safety. Security. Three words that investors look for in a wealth management firm, and three words that formed the backbone of our strategic UX design decisions.

Prudent Typography and Color

A smart combination of serif and sans serif typefaces was selected to bridge the gap between older and younger users. Simultaneously modern and timeless, this pairing, plus the sophisticated color palette, were conscious choices in addressing our client’s brand strategy and business goals.Custom web palette for Ehrenkranz Partners, a New York based wealth management firm


Typography for Ehrenkranz Partners, a New York based wealth management firm

A premier wealth management firm deserves a premier, elegant typeface to showcase its headlines. This modern serif augments this firm’s prestigious brand.

Typography for Ehrenkranz Partners, a New York based wealth management firm

We employed a bolder weight of Tiempos to boost the website’s subheads, creating a clear information hierarchy while still achieving a cohesive design.

Typography for Ehrenkranz Partners, a New York based wealth management firm

Gilroy is a modern, readable counterbalance to the classic forms of the Tiempos family. It reflects that our client is as much committed to the future as the present.


Sophisticated Web Design

The story of their latest web design is the story of outpacing their competition and instilling credibility and confidence in all users who visit the site. We worked hand-in-hand with our client to combine the right photography and design elements to communicate that our client is trustworthy and reliable, without ever having to say the words.

Built to Serve

The new site displays core service offerings front & center, communicating information in a manner that’s easy to digest and comprehend, whether you’re new to investment management or a seasoned investor.


Web Development & Technical Considerations

It’s only possible to accomplish the nuance and technical prowess of this site by marrying strategic web design with ample development expertise. Built on the robust WordPress platform, the site effectively makes complex technology look effortless, while serving as a functional digital marketing tool for communicating the firm’s credibility. Additionally, our client is now able to make updates to the site without having to write a single line of code.

Seamless and Understated Animation

Micro-interactions are more than a trend. Each subtle animation incorporated into the site increases user engagement while adding professionalism and panache to the interface. These animations reflect this firm’s active and modern approach to wealth management.

Reimagining Web Usability

Standard website navigation is for standard businesses. This wealth management firm is nothing of the sort. So, we built a custom smooth-state menu animation that feels surprising, yet consistent with the site’s interior pages.


A Worthy Investment

We created an updated online presence that moves away from the previous conservative approach and elevates the company’s visual presence while achieving impressive results.

Ehrenkranz Wealth Management firm website design on mobile
Overall Page Views Increased by
After the launch of the redesigned site the number of visitors viewing the People page more than tripled, and the average session duration increased by almost a minute.
Overall Bounce Rate Decreased by
Mobile Bounce Rate Decreased by
Our client is known by many as one of the most prestigious wealth management firms around. Now, I’m proud to say their web design lives up to that reputation. They are thrilled with the end product and so are we.

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