Lovers of Design. Builders of Brands. Kickers of Ass.

Our Structure
Philadelphia Graphic Design Studio

Certified Damn Good Graphic Design Work

When it comes to creative agencies, we don’t fit the mold.

Push10 is made up of a team of experienced designers, writers, developers and programmers. We don’t have layers of executive management to get in the way of delivering great creative results. This unique structure enables Push10 to tailor resources to best meet the needs of our clients, resulting in better quality work and increased efficiency. Clients often have direct access to the lead designer or developer assigned to their projects, eliminating the delays and miscommunications that can occur through intermediary contacts.

Furthermore, the company principal is involved in every project, personally ensuring that projects meet client requirements and objectives. We find that this more open environment is best for not only inspiring creativity and productivity, but also for providing responsive and flexible client service.

The Vision

Push10 provides clients with unique, compelling, creative design solutions in both online and offline marketing channels. We encourage clients to take risks, think outside of the proverbial box and push their brands ahead of the competition.

Our Team
Greg Henry

Greg Henry // Head Honcho

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Greg has 15 years of experience in the advertising/marketing industry. Greg has worked with a variety of clients to produce award-winning creative, including NFL/Bank of America, GNC, Ace Hardware, Avia, Comcast and more. Claim to fame: Greg once sat next to Vanilla Ice in the food court at Philadelphia airport. He stared profusely, but did not have the courage (or desire) to say hello.

Random Fact:
  • Thinks plain pizza is perfection.
  • Sat next to Vanilla Ice at the food court.
  • Tripped during 5th grade graduation.
  • Misses the 80’s.
  • Can pop wheelies on lawn mowers.
  • Cuts own hair, what’s left of it.
  • Best falsetto voice ever.
Sabrina Pfautz

Sabrina Pfautz // Design Sage

Sabrina‘s passion for design borders on obsession. She received her Bachelors in Graphic Design Communication from Philadelphia University where her portfolio was selected as one of the top in her graduating class. She brings her high-caliber design skills to Push10 and has worked on successful projects for a variety of clients. Like the rest of the team at Push10, she is currently attempting to break a long-standing caffeine addiction.

Random Fact:
  • Obsessed with wearing tights
  • Talked to trees as a child.
  • Owns a pet turtle with humping claws.
  • Believes she’s not a hipster.
  • Has a baller winter coat.
  • Doesn’t brush her hair.
  • Mastered the running man.
  • Has man hands.
  • Almost beat Greg in arm wrestling.
  • Compulsively eats peppermint patties.
Daniel Faria

Daniel Faria // Code Ninja

A native of sunny Brazil, Daniel first got access to the internet at the age of 14. Not one to waste time, he designed and developed his first website "just for fun" less than a year later. He was hooked. Before long he packed his bags for Tennessee, where he earned a degree in Computer Science and Southern Charm. Determined to make the web a better, more usable place, Daniel joined forces with the Push10 team in Philly where he now focuses on developing beautiful, highly-functional sites.

Random Fact:
  • Has been asked to never sing aloud again.
  • Has lived in 15 different houses.
  • Takes pictures of random people on the street.
  • Sleeps with 4 stuffed penguins.
  • Proposed to his wife after they were married.
Amanda Ferry

Amanda Ferry // WordPress Wizard

Amanda started teaching herself programming in middle school and was soon pimping the best Newspaper Club website in the tri-state area. A few short years later, she manage to escape New Jersey to pursue a degree in Web Design & Interaction Media at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. A quick learner, she walked away as class valedictorian with multiple portfolio awards and prestigious honors. Amanda found a natural fit at Push10, where she works her magic creating cutting edge Wordpress websites with innovative new technology.

Random Fact:
John Gilbride

John Gilbride // Mover & Shaker

If you don’t see John playing songs at venues in Philadelphia at night, you can catch him when he walks into your business spreading the good word about Push10 during the day. John received his Bachelors degree in Organizational Communication and Business Administration from Temple University and spent 3 years in corporate consulting. He is now determined to connect Push10 with clients who are ready to grow their business and enhance their brand in a major way.

Random Fact:
  • Musician by night
  • Can be bribed by Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  • Wishes he was George Harrison reincarnated
  • Setup an international ping pong competition
  • Makes a mean late night quesadilla.
Katie Sweeney

Katie Sweeney // Creative Word Smith

As a teenager, Katie thought she was destined to become an artist, but since she didn’t quite care for drawing, she went off to college and majored in marketing. Then, at her first job marketing a financial magazine in New York, someone suggested she had what It takes to create ads. Almost 10 years later Katie has written ads for clients in the telecommunications, finance, fashion, retail, hospitality industries, and plenty more.

Random Fact:
  • Never outgrew board games.
  • Loves broken umbrella photography.
  • Why cook when you can call?
  • Half ironman. All lady nerd.
  • Geekadelphia Geek of the Week.
Jennifer Frazier

Jennifer Frazier // Word Weaver

For many, a blank sheet of paper can be intimidating. For Jennifer, it’s a chance to flex her toned syntax muscles. A double entendre diva, she holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and has been a senior copywriter and creative director for more than two decades. B2B copy specialist, Jennifer telecommutes to Push10 via Tampa, Florida, as she is absolutely certain sunshine fuels her creativity.

Random Fact:
  • Believes happiness is wearing flip flops.
  • Once rode a pig. Really.
  • Thinks kale is highly overrated.
  • Not shy about singing in public.
Kody Bear Henry

Kody Bear Henry // Guard Dog

Kody is affectionately known as "Bear" around the Push10 office due to his fierce good looks and his ability to cuddle the bad mood out of just about anyone. As head of Human Resources, he keeps morale high by occasionally dragging us away from our computer screens for long walks and high-energy games of fetch. Outside of the office, Kody enjoys eating, licking, playing with toys, and meeting new people at the dog park.

Random Fact:
  • Thinks he’s a person.
  • Worst guard dog in history.
  • Obsessed with toys.
  • Compulsive chewing habit.
  • Failed puppy training school.
Our Partners

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