Made Right Here.

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As the largest Sodexo program, Simply To Go provides premiere, healthy takeaway food for working adults and college students on-the-go in more than twelve countries. All items are handcrafted daily on site with the aim of re-energizing and refueling.

Quality On The Go

Demand for on-the-go food options has risen in recent years, with 61% of global consumers saying they are influenced by time and money constraints when choosing food. While already well positioned to tap this convenience-fueled market, customer research showed that Simply To Go was perceived as mainstream rather than specialty. The brand needed a more premium feel to reflect the product's handcrafted quality.

Packaging design for Philadelphia food service company

A Joyful New Logo Design

Push10 designed a new visual identity system based on a unique typographic approach containing a small integrated leaf. The bouncing, rolling letterforms create a sense of motion and overall feeling of joy. The curves of the descenders loosely resemble a smile and serve as a strong metaphor for a happy, approachable and healthy brand. In addition, we developed a brand style guide to ensure consistent brand rollout.

Quality Messaging

While research shows that time constraints are increasingly influencing food decisions, customers indicated that they are not willing to compromise quality for the sake of convenience. Push10 also helped the Simply To Go team shift key messaging pillars to focus on quality. We developed new high level brand messaging, including the “Made Right Here” tagline and new product category nomenclature.

Push10 Testimonial

Our team enjoyed the challenge of re-invigorating a recognized category leader. We’re proud to have helped solidify their place in the global market!

Kimber Dulin, Project Manager, Push10

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