Lake Hill Group Brochure Design

Dressed to Impress

Lake Hill Group provides liquidity to natural hedgers and speculators as banks are reducing inventory and principal risk trading due to new regulation, capital constraints, and higher technology requirements.

When Lake Hill Group came to Push 10 for a brochure to provide an overview of their investment philosophy to prospective high-net-worth individuals, they stressed the importance of substance and design.

What we delivered was an impressive brochure, that was not only informative but designed to further establish the credibility and brand identity of the financial firm.



High-Quality Paper for Long-Lasting Impressions

Not all organizations in the finance and wealth management industry are the same - which is why unique branding and strong brand materials are so important. As specialists in the finance category, Push10 recognized that such a unique investment strategy demanded a brochure design that stood apart from the competition.

Enter our brilliant team of designers.

Classic Meets Modern for A Timeless Solution

The content dictated that the design must be trustworthy and dependable, yet modern and innovative. By mixing classic layouts with transparency, bold touches of color, and unexpected details we created a piece that accurately captured the Lake Hill Group brand.

Sabrina Pfautz, Partner & Design Director, Push10, philadelphia branding agency, philadelphia design agency

“We relished the opportunity to push the envelope and create a vibrant, compelling and memorable brochure design.”

Sabrina Pfautz, Creative Director & Graphic Designer, Push10

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