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Genji is as a premium provider of sushi and Japanese-inspired cuisine. The brand began as a little restaurant on Sansom Street that embraced the opportunity to work with Whole Foods in the Philadelphia market. Today, Genji operates over 200 sushi bar locations in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and is the largest sushi vendor within the Whole Foods Market chain. As part of on ongoing partnership, Push10 is helping to refine and enhance the burgeoning family of brands, starting with the Genji brand itself.

Fresh & Clean

Push10 reviewed existing brand collateral, read through relevant market research, and visited many area stores while working with the team at Genji to develop a fresh new look for the brand. After much experimentation and iteration, a refined color palette, unique illustrations, textural watercolor accents, and whimsical typography came together to create a memorable new style.

Crafting A Branded Experience

After refining the brand's look & feel, we set to work on the in-store customer experience. Push10 helped apply the new branding to sushi labels and concept store signage designs.

Extending The Brand

Push10 also designed updated point-of-sale materials, including a bold new Sushi Platter brochure.

Introducing New Product Brands

To introduce Genji's new coconut cream mochi ice cream, Push10 used branded watercolor accents to highlight the playful nature of the sweet rice dumplings.

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