Push10 is always working to uncover new opportunities to grow and enhance our collection of service offerings. Still riding high from an absolutely phenomenal 2016, we’re adding to our team of experts and are thrilled to welcome Emily Cohen as our new Digital Marketing Coordinator (and our second Emily)!

Emily Cohen Digital Marketing Coordinator

Emily C comes to Push10 from the digital retail colossus that is QVC, and prior to that, she served at Razorfish where she specialized in Paid Search. Having worked with such notable clients as Johnson & Johnson and Carnival Cruises, Emily provides an abundance of assets in the digital marketing realm from SEM to organic SEO to Social Media Strategy.

Our new team member has hit the ground running and is already deeply involved in strategizing and executing sound marketing tactics for our clients and Push10 itself. To intro this awesome new hire, we had a chat with Emily and asked some fun questions to provide a small window into the nitty-gritty of her own story.

team photo of push10 branding agency

Let’s start easy. Where are you from originally?

Lower Merion Township, which isn’t far from Philly proper. So, I feel pretty plugged-in to the area.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?

“Great work is born outside your comfort zone.” – Dear Old Dad

Knowing that Philly is a killer town to live & work – do you have a go-to restaurant?

Pizzeria Vetri!

What digital Apps do you use daily?

Yelp, Uber & Sudoku (fully addicted)

What would you title your Instagram if it were published as a book? 

Pizza & Other Things I Eat… But Mostly Pizza.

What most excites you about joining the Push10 team and the work that they do?

Each member of Push10 is uniquely creative and talented. I love working in an environment that encourages each team member – regardless of job title – to contribute ideas, advice, and experience to every project. Collaboration, respect, and passion are what makes Push10, and the work they produce, so special.