Giving a warm Push10 welcome to our newest designer, Carly!

We are pleased to introduce you to Carly Sylvester, the latest addition to our growing team. Carly is a skilled, efficient and easy going Digital Designer – and an awesome addition to the Push10 family. She also has a self-professed obsession with all things canine — so she’s hit it off with Kody straight away!

After spending some time as a freelance designer, Carly found that she missed working within a team. She came to Push10 keen to learn and grow with a dedicated and talented band of makers. She’s stepped right in stride with our crew’s shared passion of answering complex challenges with thoughtful, elegant designs for our clients. (she’s also quick with a DIY gif, which sits just fine with us). Get to know Carly more below:

push10 branding agency team

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from the Scranton area, my childhood was split between two towns, Clarks Summit and a small town named Jessup.

What Do You Love About Philadelphia?

There’s always something to do. Whether it’s going to a coffee shop, meeting up with a friend, going to a concert, discovering a new restaurant or bar, or stumbling into a new pop up beer garden or shop, there’s so much. It’s near impossible to be bored.

What Digital Apps Are You A Slave To?

Spotify, Instagram, Slack, Gmail

What Song Would You Say Best Describes Your Work Ethic?

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” – Monty Python

What Are You Passionate About Outside Of Work?

Dogs, concerts, and video games. I’ve been interested in adopting a dog for a long time but haven’t felt that it’s the best time for me yet. So for now, I enjoy taking some adorable and adoptable pups from the SPCA out for a stroll.

I also watch an absurd amount of other people’s dogs. When I’m inside, I’m probably plugged into a video game. I enjoy how they challenge my mind, help me relax, and allow me to interact with some great story telling.

What Most Excites You About Joining The Push10?

Being on a talented team of great people. I highly value the opportunity to learn from others, and the ability to contribute what I know as well. After working at an agency for some time, I spent the past year freelancing, which was beneficial in a lot of ways but also really isolating. I felt like I wasn’t growing as a designer as much as I wanted to be. I realized this about 6 months in but couldn’t find what I was looking for until I crossed paths with Push10, and I feel very fortunate that I did!

We’re all jazzed to have Carly join our team! Stayed tuned for more push10 updates by signing up for our newsletter below.