Discover how to use the power of branding & interactive media to further your cause.

Event Description:
Non-profits produce impactful work and champion honorable causes. However, in operation, they experience all manner of marketing hurdles – from plateauing membership and seeking donors, to launching new programs and getting board buy-in for adventurous initiatives.

So how do you maintain your passion through these challenges and continue to inspire the world at large? Telling your story (or the story of others) is vital to sustaining your momentum and moving your audience to join you in your journey.

Push10 and FreshFly look to shed some light on three essential tools for organizations to better tell their own story in compelling fashion:

Part One – Build Your Brand
Create an engaging voice & brand style that reflects your mission and values.

Part Two – Improve Your Website
Develop your public face, hub for information, and vessel for authenticity.

Part Three – Use Video to Bring Your Story to Life
Craft custom branded content for emotional resonance.

Wednesday, May 23rd
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

219 Cuthbert Street, Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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