The new Snapchat spectacles have arrived – but will this be a new revolution of social sharing or will it be another Google Glass flop?

The What

Snapchat spectacles are a new way to share your experiences from your perspective. What’s the catch? The camera is attached to a modern pair of sunglasses.

The How

How does this new technology work? The glasses come equipped with two cameras (one on each outer lens). Pushing the button allows you to record up to a 10-second snap video while activating lights on the front of the glasses that signal to people you are snapping. The glasses are synced up with your Snapchat mobile app, which is where all your Spectacle memories are stored. From there, you still have the ability to edit and send.

The Why

With the rise and success of video and social in marketing, it’s a pretty smart move. According to a Pew Search Center report, only 5% of American adults used at least one of these platforms. Today a whopping 69% of the public uses some type of social media. And with social media becoming an essential part of business strategy, Snapchat spectacles also have the potential to play a big role in their already successful marketing platform.

The Where

This is where Snapchat gets my recognition. In order to get your hands on a pair of the new spectacles, you will have to visit a series of “Snapbot” vending machines all over the country. Where are they? In true ghostly Snapchat fashion, the locations of the bots will be announced 24 hours before they appear. The most recent location — Dilworth Park in Philadelphia!! So if you have nothing to do that day and have $129.99 to burn, go get in line for your pair.

So Are The New Spectacles Something To Speculate? We Say — YES.

Cool and innovative technology? A+. Totally on trend with digital marketing and social behaviors? 100% on point. But, the image of an army of people running around with lit up sunglasses is pretty concerning. People already struggle to live in the real world and experience life outside of the confines of their screens and devices, this will be an express train to an alternate reality.

Not to mention, the potential safety hazards of being too focused on technology and too unaware of your surroundings. Texting became a major safety concern, sparking countless campaigns to prevent texting and driving. And while augmented reality is accessible and intriguing, have we not learned our lesson yet?! (we’re looking at you, Pokémon Go)

The Bottom Line

While the Snapchat spectacle launch is all very exciting, we’ll take a page out of the book of the people who have a $1,500 pair Google glasses gathering dust in a drawer.