Pokémon Go is a world-wide phenomenon! Now, strolling on the streets of Philly is both more dangerous and more exciting.

As if people’s eyes weren’t glued to their phones enough as it was! We found a Pidgey hiding under the projector screen in our conference room and a Pokéball hanging out by our radiator. But some other very interesting things have emerged, too — unintended benefits like helping people reconnect and helping other brands learn from the company’s success — all from playing this goofy little game.

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Catch up with old friends (and make some new ones).

We noticed that people have been a whole lot more social and active together since this whole game picked up steam. We all have good intentions of making plans to take a walk or grab lunch with old friends. But even just a few blocks can seem insurmountable when traversing them means finding time between meetings, calls, and deliverables.

Because of Pokémon Go, however, we were invited out to lunch with friends who we hadn’t seen in awhile – ones who’d have otherwise sat at their desks alone, munching quietly on their sandwiches, just like most folks usually do every day.

Now, is this looney, addictive game healing the world? Nah. But, old friends whose smiles you miss and new folks you haven’t gotten to know yet are united by the hunt for the elusive Squirtle. Pretty cool!

Explore new areas of your hometown.

Philly is full of beautiful architecture, interesting history, amazing restaurants, and cool shops. But often, we’re so myopic – I’m late for work! I gotta get home! I have a train to catch! – that we miss out on the great stuff that’s right around the corner from us.

By following the trail leading to a new Pokémon, you might just find yourself discovering all the charm and wonder that your local neighborhood has been waiting to show you for years.

Get away from screens and desks.

You already know that getting away from your work, clearing your head, and taking a stroll sometime throughout the day can really boost your mental and physical health. And you probably already know that there are countless ways to use technology for a healthy lifestyle. You might even start your day with a solid plan to give yourself a 15-minute break here and there. But when it comes down to prying yourself out of your chair, it’s not that simple – it’s usually the first thing we forget about when work piles up and meetings take over our calendars.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge – or buzz, in this case – to get you away from your desk. If you’ve hopped on the Pokémon Go bandwagon, we’ll bet your FitBit has been pretty proud of your recent achievements!

Brand Bonus: Lessons from a Whole New Community

We’re branding nerds, so of course we’re intrigued by this phenomenon on a marketing level, too. Pokémon is an established brand that’s nailed longevity. Multiple generations around the world have been addicted to the game, and now, the brand is playing a game of its own: using community marketing to create customer interactions on a whole new level.

Tons of research goes into figuring out where untapped customers are, what they like to do, and what they’ll respond to. As an industry, we’re still learning the opportunities and limitations of new technologies — augmented reality presents a whole new way of looking at brand-customer interactions, but it’s still young and needs fine-tuning through research and experimentation. If the output is something as (so far) powerful as Pokémon Go, we’d call that damn good progress!


If you’d told us 5 years ago that Pokémon Go would be used as a technology for a healthy lifestyle while also helping brands explore new avenues of getting in front of untapped users, we’d probably have chuckled.

Soon enough, this fun fad will pass. But we should learn from the unexpected benefits it offered us while it was here. Try discovering some of the exciting things your neighborhood has to offer. Get more serious about taking short breaks and being a little more active throughout the day. Make plans (and keep them) with people you haven’t seen or ones you’ve been meaning to get to know. Or even better, if you’re a brand, learn a thing or two about embarking on new mediums to interact with your customers.

Wanna find out where your customers are and how to reach them better? We can help! See more of our work with healthy lifestyle brands here.